Eyes Dream Meaning

Eyes are one of the most vivid, metaphysical, symbolic images in dreams. The dream, the main element of which are eyes, reflects, first of all, the dreamer’s state of mind.

If you do not manage to see the color of the eyes of your interlocutor in a dream, this means that you will not manage to find answers to your current questions. You will have a frank communication soon and there is a risk to be in a difficult situation.

Dream of green eyes promise meeting with ardent love, finding true friends. This is a sign of sincerity, faith, balance, harmony, healing. However, the dreambook warns of the evil eye, jealousy and envy, if the main character of the dream was a stranger with the evil look of olive eyes.

If you see blue eyes in your dream, you will soon receive useful information or a gift, you will meet a great, passionate love. Some dreambooks interpret this dream as a foreshadowing of failure due to gullibility, indecision, lack of confidence in your abilities.

If you had black eyes in a dream, you will spend the evening in a pleasant company. According to the dreambook, black or brown eyes of people around you in a dream speak of deceit and cunningness. Beware of crafty partners and two-faced friends who are building disgraceful plans behind your back.

The appearance of red eyes in a dream indicates the extreme fatigue of the sleeper. It looks like you need to take a vacation and have a good rest.

If you see a person with different eyes, the dreambook believes that this is a sign of connection with a lying, two-faced companion.

Itchy eyes omens and beliefs.

In general, eyes of different colors in a dream notify about the betrayal of a husband, wife, children. Parental opinion is no longer authoritative for the child, the peer position is closer and more important to him. In this regard, you feel abandoned, lonely, unnecessary.

To dream of gray eyes is a sign of unreasonable, ingratiating praises. Dream Interpretation warns against rash actions imposed by flattering speeches.

Dark-blue eyes are a sign of love or flattery.

To see yourself with white eyes in a dream means dissatisfaction with your behavior, inconsistency with moral norms.

Yellow eyes in a dream mean torment, grief, mental throwing. In some cases, the dream book foreshadows damage to health, especially psychological.

Bloody eyes in a dream notify of impending trouble with relatives, the existence of the enemy in your close environment.

To look into someone’s eyes means that you show genuine interest in this person, strive to look into his soul. Your relations can deteriorate, mutual understanding can disappear. If you are interested in the eyes of a stranger-lady, then the dreambook informs you about a vigilant rival.

Blood from eyes is a symbol of problems at work; the management will set the tasks that you will be difficult to fulfill.

Closed eyes in a dream promise the dreamer wonderful news, as well as a stormy, but short romance. If you closed your eyes in a dream, this is a sign of strong attachment. Seeing the object of your passion with closed eyes is a symbol of problems in relations. Your second half has some secrets you are not aware of.

To look into the beautiful eyes of a child in a dream is a symbol of great surprise, unexpected news, discovery, enlightenment.

If you have a bruise under your eye in a dream, this is a sign of public humiliation. Dream interpretation advises not to succumb to provocations, to remain calm and remember about dignity. A black eye is a symbol of profit.

Miller's dreambook interpreted eyes as relentless surveillance by detractors, meanness, betrayal, failure. The one-eyed dream hero notifies of your troubles and misadventures.

Three eyes predict pregnancy, the birth of a baby. If you have a third eye opened in a dream, then your intuition is activated, you are ready for spiritual development.

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Big eyes in a dream promise happiness, prosperity, a rich inheritance. Dream interpretation marks that you will meet a smart, talented and honest person.

Dream Interpretation warns that dull, lifeless, sore eyes in a dream are a bad sign. You are threatened by illness, failure in affairs, concern, various troubles, mortal danger.

Gouged eyes signal about loss of a person dear to your heart. If you personally gouged them out to someone in a dream, this means that your manner of behavior surprises and repels those around you.

Kind, beautiful eyes mean that your life will be long, successful, secured, and love is sincere and true.

If you noticed that in a dream you have sty on your eye - in reality you will be indecently rich.

Dreamed of worms in the eyes this is a dream-warning of great trouble due to deliberately postponing the resolution of the problem. Do not fall into the nets, strung by your enemies. Moderate your ardor, get rid of hatred, rage, arrogance.

Seeing a person without eyes promises separation, divorce or death of a spouse.

Looking into man’s eyes in a dream means you are trying to find out his plans. Perhaps you are afraid of him or do not understand, so you want to find out his weaknesses.

If you looked into the eyes of your beloved person for a long time, this is a signal of worries about some secret. You feel a wall of misunderstanding, worry that your second half no longer supports common ideals and worldview.

If you have dull eyes in a dream, you lack money, you are pursued by evil fate, failure in business.

Swollen eyes mean that your employees or co-owners of business will deceive you, will fail for personal gain. Strictly follow the law, otherwise fines and litigation are inevitable.

Slanting eyes in a dream are the forerunner of fantastic luck, healthy and intelligent children, unearthly love. However, if a woman was terrified of the cross-eyes that had developed in her sleep, the dream book predicts a loss of her reputation.

A wall-eye predicts obstacles on the way, difficulties, pretense and self-deception, quarrel, acquaintance with a pesky person.

If you see that the color of the eyes of your acquaintance change color means you should have a better look at him; this person can be a chameleon in real life.

A dream in which the eye fell out often carries a bad omen. It is possible that there will be serious problems with one of the relatives. However, a dream may be the result of excessive excitement in connection with the upcoming solemn event or joyful episode.

To see your eyes without pupils means that much is slipping away from your sight. Too frequent withdrawal is fraught with the loss of the thread around you.

A kiss in the eyes predicts a party, joy, dreams fulfillment. Dream interpretation promises that very soon life will get better and go according to the conceived scenario.

Colored eye lenses mean you should expect changes in the relationship with the chosen one.

To survive the discomfort because of a mote in the eye in a dream means there will be a hassle due to offspring. To see the mote - in reality you will make excuses, look for a scapegoat. Dream interpretation argues that you are blind in a controversial issue, although the truth in the incident history is known to almost everyone.

For married woman, being blindfolded in a dream is a warning that her marriage is threatened. Someone will make every effort to destroy the family idyll. For the rest the dream means mystery, game, mysterious phenomenon. Apparently, you miss the obvious facts.

If the dead man opened his eyes, this is a symbol of obstacles in a professional field, losses. Sometimes such a dream is a bad sign, foreshadowing the death of a relative. In any case, the dream book tells you to keep other people's secrets, or else you will suffer because of your talkativeness.

If you could not open your eyes in a dream, the subconscious mind tries to show a high degree of mental fatigue. Dream Interpretation calls for at least a short change of occupation.

Losing one's eyes in a dream is a symbol of vain labor, hassle, overwhelming tasks, risky enterprises. At the same time the plot brings financial welfare.

Wrinkles under your eyes means joy, carefree life, a party, an exciting experience.

According to the Islamic dreambook, whoever sees in a dream that there is a thorn in his eye (eyesore), great sadness will befall him. Sometimes an eyesore is a sign of hypocrisy.

Sergii Haranenko
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