Parking Lot Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about parking lot? A dreamed of parking, according to the interpretation of most dream books, means a kind of life "pause". It is likely that you will find yourself in a situation where it will be necessary not to make a hasty decision, but to think hard about what to do. Wanting to understand why this image appears in a dream, do not ignore the details of the dream: what the parking lot looked like in a dream, what was the reason for your stop and other little things.

According to the interpretation proposed by Miller's dream book, seeing a car in a parking lot in a dream is a symbol of a change in fate. If the car at the parking was new and beautiful, it means that the changes will please you, but the old rusty car symbolizes sudden deterioration of the situation and a streak of bad luck.

Why do you dream that your car was stolen from the parking lot? Such a vision can mean the failure of plans and ideas for which you had high hopes.

A significant role in the interpretation of the dream about parking is also played by which cars were parked in your parking lot. This is what dream books think about foreign cars.

An Oriental interpreter prophesies an unexpected enrichment to the one who drove into the parking lot in an imported car in a dream. Moreover, the more luxurious the car was, the more money the dreamer will receive in reality.

And according to the English dream book, to see a lot of parked foreign cars in a dream is a sign of sudden luck. Something that seemed unattainable to you before will be within your power now.

To park in a parking lot full of representatives of the domestic auto industry is a signal that you are inclined to make rash decisions, the Modern Dream Book predicts.

The same interpreter, explaining why there is a dream in which you were forced to give up a spot in the parking lot, completely crowded cars, warns of the possibility of losing credibility in the team due to stubbornness.

Did you voluntarily give up your parking space in a dream? The Lunar Dream Book thinks you will be incredibly lucky - having made a decision without consulting anyone, you will shift your problems onto the shoulders of others.

But Miss Hasse's dream book will tell you what a parking lot with old forgotten vintage cars promises. Did you have a dream that you were wandering around the parking lot looking for a specific car? You will be forced to try different ways of fulfilling your own ambitions.

And if you dreamed that you found your own car, forgotten a long time ago, this plot speaks of an unexpectedly spontaneous action that will lead you to success.

    Have you seen a parking lot in your night dream? Remember what kind of vehicles were standing there, the interpreters recommend. So they were:
  • buses on a parking lot - a sudden trip;
  • long vehicles - you will decide for a long time before making a choice;
  • motorcycles - you will get down to business without thinking about the consequences;
  • retro cars - you will meet an influential elderly man.
Sergii Haranenko
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