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Bus Dream Meaning

If you dreamed that you were going by bus, then in reality the path to success was chosen in the wrong direction, a good outcome of the undertakings is doubtful. Such a dream is obvious evidence that you cannot yet guarantee a more comfortable environment. However, the Universal dreambook considers a ride on a bus a positive symbol, especially if you feel comfortable.

If you dream that you are traveling by bus, this may mean that the mind is trying to suggest that you should strive for independence. If you dreamed of a double-decker bus, it symbolizes a certain multi-level problem and suggests that you need to consider it from different angles.

Waiting for a bus at a bus stop in a dream has its own meaning for everyone: a guy should prepare for disappointment in love, a married woman needs to take care of the family more, and a man has no reason to hope for the support of colleagues.

Waiting for transport in a dream in a broader concept symbolizes the active search for of your second half, loneliness, lack of sexual relations.

According to Freud, a bus seen in a dream indicates a number of complexes in intimate life. The lack of intimacy or passion makes the life of the dreamer imperfect. Freud's dream book explains the landing in the salon as a signal that you are trying to build a relationship with a person whom you consider unworthy and inappropriate.

According to Longo, a dream about bus symbolizes revision of values, analysis of accumulated experience, after which you will be able to look at yourself, your lifestyle in a different perspective. If you dreamed that you were in a bus crowding - beware of new acquaintances, because they can seriously harm you.

Seeing a friend or relative running after a bus, get ready to help this person soon. Being inside an empty bus in a dream is a symbol meaning you have no one to count for and you will have to solve your problems on your own. A crowded salon speaks of an insurgent competitive battle for a place under the sun.

The Classic dream book believes that the bus symbolizes success in business and career, an exciting and rewarding conversation, and likely participation in an interesting event. You should immediately review your plans and life goals, if you notice that you have taken the wrong route number in a dream.

Esoteric dream book believes that to be in the middle of a standing bus is a symbol of change of weather conditions.

Sergii Haranenko

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