Pillow Dream Meaning

Interpreting what a pillow seen in a dream means, the dream book first of all mentions luxury and comfort that the dreamer prefers. This couch attribute also symbolizes home comfort and security.

Even if the sleeper has not yet acquired such wonderful things in real life, such dreams tend to come true with amazing accuracy. For this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to some warnings that the interpreter offers. The dream in which the pillow appears indicates that you are a true minion of fate. You can enjoy life at your pleasure and do not restrict yourself in anything.

Among the interpretations of the dreams about pillow, the long-awaited news occupies a special place. The news you learn will exceed your wildest expectations. A visit of guests or a new acquaintance is possible.

If you dreamed of a pillow with feathers, which strive to scatter all over the place, this is a very favorable sign, a harbinger of good luck and love. At the same time, the dream book warns that deception and lies wait for you. If you fail to recognize the liar in time, he may cross out the positive prediction.

As for pillow feathers in a dream, they mean that a grandiose party will soon be organized or a solemn event will be arranged where you will be the main character, the dream book promises. True, there is a chance of a scandal during the festival.

When the dreaming pillow is too hard, and you feel like beating it up a little, which is what you do in your sleep, the dream book hints at your tendency to soar in the clouds. Why not try turning foggy dreams into definite goals?

If the girl dreamed of a pillow, the pillowcase to which was her handiwork, the dreamer would soon have a successful marriage. Whether there is a home-made pillowcase in reality or it was just seen in a dream, is not a matter of principle.

What pillows dream of can also be explained by getting rid of terrible danger. In reality, misfortune will bypass the dreamer; fate has prepared a soft landing for you.

Pillows, blankets and other attributes of a comfortable relaxation are called by the dream book one of the most favorable symbols. In the near future, the dreamer will truly have a royal life, in which any whims will be fulfilled unquestioningly.

Interpreting dreams of pillows and blankets, the dream book speaks of a sense of security or striving for it. A dream can symbolize self-confidence or the search for a secluded place.

Perhaps the most original interpretation is offered by Freud's dreambook. According to the famous psychologist, the pillow in a dream reflects an unconscious desire to return to the mother’s womb, where it is always warm, safe and there is no need to solve any problems.

When the pillow was dreamed, the dream book believes that your subconscious mind encourages you in this way to treat your night's rest with due respect. Is your bed comfortable enough? Is light and noise interfering? Remember that the time saved on a dream is unlikely to be profitable.

Sergii Haranenko
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