Interpretation Of A Dream About Poltergeist

What it means if you see poltergeist in a dream? The poltergeist seen in a dream, prophesies the dreamer a number of mistakes that he will have to make because of circumstances beyond his control. But there are times when such dreams are explained differently: the lack of harmony between the inner world of the sleeping person and the environment is to blame. Let's understand in detail what the poltergeist dreams symbolize.

According to Miller, if the poltergeist really scared you in a dream – this means you and your behavior will affect the well-being of your family. And if you became friends with the ghost – this is a good sign, you will be able to emerge victorious from any mess.

If you dream that you leave treats for the brownie who lives in your house –this means you will be lucky in everything that is connected with winning. Dream interpretation of Tsvetkova recommends seizing the moment.

To see that the poltergeist helps you move furniture in the apartment – means luck will smile at you, everything will work out easily and simply.

It was a dream that you were talking nicely with the brownie with the help of knocking - the meaning of a dream can be interpreted in different ways: either good news is waiting for you, or guests will come to you.

If you dream that you are in someone else’s home and are getting to know a good and welcoming ghost – this is a sign of useful acquaintances, the dream book to Miss Hasse promises.

If you dreamed that in the apartment you recently bought, an evil poltergeist is being atrocious – this means in real life you will have some worries due to the fact that you can’t find common language with relatives.

Seeing fright on the faces of people who happened to encounter the other world in a dream – the interpretation of such dream is the following: in reality you will encounter strange things that are hard to explain from the point of view of logic.

If you had a dream that you spent the night in the house with a poltergeist who tried to harm you, but couldn’t – means you are worried about the fact that you don’t know what you want, the Moon Dreambook thinks.

To see that you were asked to help expel the evil poltergeist living in the apartment of your friends, this means that in order to achieve victory in any business, you need to make every effort. Only thanks to work, you will be able to fulfill your ideas.

If you dreamed that you were a ghost hunter, and when you come to the call, you see strong fright on the faces of people and the wounds on their bodies caused by the poltergeist - in reality you will help your friend very much, although you will not even suspect about it.

If you are left alone with the poltergeist in someone else’s dwelling, in which it navigates better than you – this dream personifies your complexes and fears; if you defeated the spirits – this means you will be able to cope with your phobias.

To dream that you are an incorporeal spirit – means you should pay attention to your health, there is a risk that you will catch a severe cold, the Female dream book warns.

In a dream, you observe how a poltergeist runs the house, and you not only hear him, but also see him – this means old diseases will remind you of themselves.

If you dreamed that you had switched to a different reality and managed to come to agreement with the poltergeist that he would leave the house – this means you will not get sick despite your wet feet, the Eastern Dream Book pleases.

If you see any abnormal phenomena in a dream, it means that your body feels that you care little about it. Be sure to consult a doctor without delaying your visit.

According to the Big dreambook, seeing all kinds of anomalous phenomena in a dream - someone will surprise you very much with their behavior.

According to the Dream Interpretation dictionary, seeing in a dream all sorts of anomalies or something supernatural, for example, being on another planet - is a sign of health disorder.

Sergii Haranenko
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