Interpretation Of A Dream About Ghost

Why do we dream of ghosts at night? Dream Interpretation claims: such a sign warns of the intrigues of enemies, troubles, deterioration of health. However, sometimes a dream vision indicates success, the need for spiritual development, the way out of difficulties.

Did you have a dream about a ghost? Miller’s dreambook warns: strange, unpleasant events will occur soon.

Did you feel the ghost spirit in a dream? This is a signal: you do not know what you want yourself. At least the immediate goals should be determined.

Seeing a pretty ghost, talking to it in a dream means: feel strong positive emotions, good impressions of some situation, business.

What is meaning of the woman’s ghost in a dream? The dream book tells you: you know what you are going to achieve from life, you know how to think everything through, calculate.

Did you feel a ghostly woman? Significant successes are coming, you will have a coming prosperity, however, the dreamer will often experience anxiety.

Seeing yourself a disembodied spirit in a dream is a symbol of rebirth, but not literal. Some feelings or habits will die.

Seeing yourself as a ghost is also a serious health threat. It is necessary to take care of yourself. If you happened to be a ghost in a dream - this is a sign of the need for spiritual development, the possibility of a new level in awareness.

What is the meaning of a dream of the cemetery and ghosts on it? The Dream Interpretation informs: there will be a long struggle with problems and poverty. To see phantoms of people in a dream means you will learn about the death of a relative or a person close to you in spirit. Ghosts of acquaintances foreshadow: they will soon start having some turmoil.

If a young girl or boy sees a dream about being haunted by a ghost, this plot portends: annoying admirers will appear who will not provoke reciprocal feelings.

Constantly seeing a ghost of a person in a dream means the dreamer is oppressed by unresolved issues, uncertainty. What is the meaning of a dream of ghost of a living person? According to the dream book, if he is sick in reality - the vision portends a speedy recovery.

If you had a chance to meet a human phantom, this dream carries an obscure image of what has already passed, but the sleeper cannot forget.

To run away from a ghost in a dream - according to the dream book, means avoiding solving urgent problems. But it’s impossible to run like that forever, you have to look for a way out.

The plot, as if a ghost is strangling you, signals: an alleged friend is trying to manipulate you. When you strangle him yourself, you will reveal hypocrisy and deceit.

Did you have a dream about how a ghost wanted to kill you? Dream Interpretation warns: there are serious troubles and strong worries ahead.

To become an ethereal shadow in a dream yourself is a game of the dreamer's subconscious. He is very keen to stand out from the gray mass, but so far this is not working out.

What is the meaning of dream that a ghost has appeared in your house? The dream interpretation explains: the natural order of your inner life is disturbed. Had a lot of good ethereal shadows in your home? Luck and happiness are waiting for you. If they are evil, big troubles and setbacks lie ahead.

The dream of a ghost in the house means: the sleeping person is trying to influence his life. Phantom flew around the apartment? There are events that will cause negative emotions, disappointment.

If it was invisible in a dream - in reality, the dreamer feels that something is wrong, but he can not at all realize what it is. An invisible ghost signals: constant problems have exhausted you morally and physically. You need to highlight important goals for yourself and focus only on them.

The evil spirit seen in a dream portends the collapse in business, personal relationships, which can cause depression.

What does a little girl's phantom mean in a dream? The dream interpretation explains: you are too gullible, admire things that are not worthy of attention, trust deceivers.

To see a ghost in the mirror is the personification of fear of one's own complexes.

    The dreambooks take into account whose ghost you saw:
  • Of a young woman – a sign of disease;
  • Of a girl – there will be a long path full of unpleasant events;
  • Of a child – you need to get rid of complexes that do not let you live normally;
  • Of a man – striving for stability that you do not have;
  • Of a boy – success in your affairs;
  • Of your husband – you will face deceit and injustice;
  • Of your deceased relatives – there are some unsolved issues;
  • Of a dog – a quarrel with best friend.

To fight with a ghost and defeat it in a dream - the dreamer will be able to come out from any life difficulty with honor.

Sergii Haranenko
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