Rearrangement Of Furniture Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of furniture rearrangement, then in reality you really want to make some kind of innovation in your life, dream books predict. However, in interpreting what such visions mean in dreams, one should also take into account what exactly you moved, where and how easy it came to you.

According to Miller's dream book, the dream of rearranging furniture does not symbolize the changes themselves, but the dreamer's desire to change something in his own life. If in a dream you started to drag the sofa, but didn’t finish it yet, this means an inability to complete one's endeavors.

Do you see in a dream that when rearranging the furniture, you smeared your hands? Such a plot means a dirty laborious job, which, however, will bring quite a decent income.

    The interpretation of the dream in which you see the rearrangement of furniture may vary according to what kind of objects you moved, dream books suggest. Here, for example, what some of them mean in a dream:
  • sofa - spiritual rapprochement with friends;
  • closet - predicts hard trials;
  • table - you will doubt when making a decision;
  • small items - lightness and good mood.

Do you dream that you are rearranging furniture in your room? According to the explanations of the Modern Dream Book, rearranging interior items in your own home is a sign that you will not need to make any efforts to try change something in your life. Changes, moreover, of a positive nature, will very soon come to you themselves.

Why do you dream that you cannot decide how it is best to arrange the living room set around the room? Pastor Loff's Dream Interpretation claims that this is a signal that doubt is gnawing at you about the correctness of your actions. And here, to make re-planning in the room on a hunch – is a symbol of a happy event.

If you dreamed that you were moving tables and lockers at your work, then you can be sure that in the near future you will get a new position. Only now, pay attention to this fact: if rearrangement of furniture at work is a necessary measure, then you will not like the new responsibilities.

And if you see in a dream that it was you who initiated the change of interior at work place, then this will be the position that you have long wanted to get.

Enlightening the meaning of dreams of rearranging furniture that you lead in someone else’s apartment as a guest designer, East Dream Book recommends clarifying whether you knew the owner of the house.

Had a dream that you were renewing the interior in a friend’s apartment? This may mean a trip to new places for you. For a woman to participate directly or indirectly in the renovation of the house in which she has been in real life is a symbol of a possible pregnancy.

But if you see in a dream that you were hired by strangers, so that you would furnish their apartment according to the teachings of Feng Shui, such dream means you should take care of your health. Someone else's housing, in this case, can be identified with the hospital ward, the Wanderer's dream book states.

Sergii Haranenko
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