Porridge Dream Meaning

If you have a dream that you cook porridge – this means you will find calm and comfort in the family, everything will be smooth, calm and serene. Burnt porridge is a sign of a tense relationship.

In a dream, buckwheat gruel comes out of the pan and, and falling on the stove, does not burn - to a rich harvest, if you are a farmer, or to big profit for all people of other professions, Miller's dream book promises.

If you dreamed that you can’t cook rice risotto with vegetables: you keep cooking it but it’s raw - your plans and desires are not yet clear enough to be fulfilled. Think everything to the smallest detail, the dream book advises.

It is a dream that you are teaching a child or a loved one to cook semolina – this means you will have to leave your affairs for a while and devote yourself to those who need you. This will be very necessary for you, too, so do not rush to refuse, first look for your advantage in this situation.

If you had a dream that you have cooked milk buckwheat gruel, and it got sour – this is a symbol of sadness and disappointment. Something is eating you, and that you cannot understand. You should analyze your current life, perhaps you will understand.

Cooking a huge cauldron of rice porridge with meat - to wealth and prosperity. If you see that the grains of rice are round - to a quick enrichment, long - to a later one.

If you see in a dream that you eat oatmeal with butter and jam – this plot predicts a fun non-alcoholic party. Perhaps it will be Sunday lunch or dinner with friends, a dream book suggests.

Eating milk buckwheat in a dream predicts the unexpected fulfillment of a long-forgotten desire. To be smeared with it - the desire will affect not only you, but also delight people close to you.

The undercooked millet pulp that you eat in a dream means understatement and resentment. Perhaps someone offended you or you hurt someone. Try to find out and reconcile with the person, the dream book advises.

If you dreamed that you were eating an oatmeal porridge with good appetite – this is a symbol of good health, the dream book predicts.

The salty pumpkin porridge is a sign of gossip or bad news, the Gypsy dream book states, the sweetened one - to pleasant flattery, not evil and not selfish.

You watch in a dream how someone else eats pea porridge – there will be some chores and worries, Vanga's dream book prophesies. If you eat it - wait for news from distant relatives.

To dream of a steaming bowl of buckwheat porridge standing on the table is a symbol of pleasant surprises and entertainments.

If you dreamed of a pan of semolina porridge - to flattery and a fawning. Do not flatter yourself and do not let this be done in your address, otherwise it will come to gossip.

Dreaming of rice pilaf is a sign of success in the professional field, the dream book promises. You will finally be noticed and appreciated for your efforts.

Oatmeal with sour berries portends pettiness and touchiness, the Eastern dreambooks states.

Pearl barley porridge with meat gravy in a dream predicts illness of yours or those close to you; with milk and honey - to recovery for sick people and good health for everyone else.

If you dreamed of wheat kutya - to wealth, to joy, to fun, the dream book promises. If you dreamed about it in the winter, during the Christmas holidays - to wealth for the whole year, in other seasons - luck will last the current three months.

Sergii Haranenko
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