Closet Dream Meaning

Dream interpretation considers the closet, which you saw in a dream, a favorable symbol. Most of the meanings of this dream are associated with accumulated wealth: both material values and everyday experience. To understand what this interior item is dreaming about, remember, whether it was full or empty, what things were stored on its shelves, chaos or exemplary order reigned there.

As easily as you look inside, you know yourself so well. If an honorable role in a dream is taken by a mirror on the inside of the door, then the inner world means more to you than external circumstances.

Dream interpretation claims to see a cupboard in a dream is a favorable sign, promising unexpected profits. In the near future you will receive a gift or inheritance, make a very successful and profitable purchase.

If you dreamed that a wardrobe fell, a dream means a frustrating hope associated with a particular person. Dream interpretation believes that what you saw in a dream serves as a reminder that nothing and nobody is the spot of the world.

The dream interpretation of Simon Cananite treats any dream in which the dresser appears in the exact opposite meaning. In his opinion, a full wardrobe foreshadows losses and damages in trade; locked up closet reminds that the dreamer lacks charm and openness; empty wardrobe warns of possible failures.

According to the dreambook of Medea, the wardrobe represents the experiences and accumulated emotions, both positive and negative. The mess within it symbolizes the confusion in life, and emptiness speaks for itself.

The dream book of a Wanderer interprets such a dream most symbolically: a wardrobe with clothes in a dream means nothing else than the dreamer himself. As a last resort, this is how he would like to see himself, for example, big or refined, with decorative elements.

If you dreamed about a wardrobe with clothes, pay attention to the details of the wardrobe, with which it is filled. If underwear prevails, a romantic adventure awaits you, which can turn into something more. Elegant outfit foreshadows success; items made of natural fur - wealth.

A dream of an empty closet is connected with disappointment one way or another. Perhaps with the one that took place in the past, in this case it is desirable to let it go. A dream can personify your present dissatisfaction with yourself.

All that dreams of a new cabinet, marks the beginning of a new life. Dream interpretation promises global changes to the dreamer, however, does not specify what exactly they are connected with. It must be that no one knows better than the dreamer himself what the new life means to him.

If the old wardrobe appears in a dream, the past reminds you of itself in such a way. It would not hurt to put in order its contents. Some items found inside may contain valuable clues.

A dream about moth in the closet should be taken as a warning. Dream interpretation believes that you have a lot of ill-wishers who seen friendly and who are just waiting for the right moment to hurt you.

A dreamer who can combine several activities can easily have a dream about a bookcase. This symbol of orderliness and versatile views is interpreted by the dream book as a sign that everything will work out, and there is no reason to doubt your abilities.

Sergii Haranenko
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