Robe Dream Meaning

Why do I have a dream about a robe? The dream book offers many interpretations of this symbol, depending on its appearance, color, purpose, the one who saw it in a dream.

Why is the doctor seen in a robe in a dream? The dreamer is threatened with malaise or he is afraid of the future important test - exam, verification.

To meet a person dressed in a housecoat is evidence of the failure of attempts to attract assistants to some important business for you.

Had a chance to try it on? Vision promises family happiness, long life. Buying a robe in a dream is a promise of joy. Washing it – is a symbol of chagrin.

A doctor in a medical gown in a dream is a warning: hectic life will later turn into disappointment, bitter regrets.

A dream about new robe means there will be a new acquaintance or love relationship. Old, ragged robe or gown in a dream is a sign that you seek to manipulate people and get annoyed when they do not give in. The dream interpretation recommends: reconsider your attitude towards others, otherwise you risk being lonely.

Expensive oriental silk robe in a dream portends, according to Miller’s dream book, a lot of luck - a big lottery win, inheritance. Perhaps a love date is coming.

To buy a terry bathrobe, which later turned into a medical gown (seen by a man) means that a new acquaintance will bring difficulties. Such a dream promises health complications or difficulties on the love front for a girl.

A dream about home robe (housecoat) is a symbol of relaxation. The dreamer feels comfortable, cozy, at home, so he sees it in a dream.

    The dreambooks give different interpretations to the gowns of different colors.
  • the white robe is interpreted by dream book as a portent: desires can be achieved. In addition, it is necessary to maintain exposure;
  • red or yellow gown speaks of the dreamer's own confidence, because he knows his strength, as well as his willingness to sacrifice;
  • black robe - because of bad advice, the dreamer can set the wrong goals. In a dream, such a dressing gown warns of difficulties in communication, fading of passion, breaking ties;
  • dark-blue gown promises victory, successful rivalry or a favorable litigation;
  • pink robe - the expectation of tender, romantic love; this color reflects the dreamer's dreaminess, his commitment to fantasies. The dream book advises not to get too carried away with the construction of castles in the air, since the reality may be somewhat different;
  • light-blue gown, like the previous one, characterizes a sleeping person as a dreamer, the one who likes to fantasize. In addition, this color indicates: the energy of one who has seen such a dream and the support of friends will make it possible to achieve a long-cherished goal;
  • a dream about green gown portends happiness, prosperity, possible monetary successes.

To see that in a dream you came dressed for the dinner party, as it should be, and the other guests put on bathrobes – this is a favorable omen. The Dream Interpretation interprets the plot as an upcoming promotion, receiving a certain award or attracting the attention of an inaccessible person.

If in a dream you’re wearing a dressing gown and all people around are exquisitely dressed, this means that, having believed the wrong rumors, you will find yourself in a stupid position. The dream book warns: before deciding to take any step, make sure that you have reliable information.

This wardrobe item with a hole in a dream means: energy and enterprise are now decreasing. Therefore, a decline in business activity, an excessive desire to analyze everything, moreover, is fruitless, is possible. The dream interpretation emphasizes: this moment must be overcome, trying to avoid decisive actions that can only do harm.

Why do you dream of a bathrobe as a gift if there is no desire to wear it at all? People who know you well will actually want to do harm, impede your plans, and ruin your mood.

Did you have a dream of putting on and fastening a robe? Dream Interpretation informs: it is time to diversify your sex life, to bring something new. This is especially true for wives who need to show imagination so that their husbands do not have to look for something new, original on the side.

What is the meaning of a dream of a friend in a white gown? The dreamer can trust him what he would not trust anyone else. To see a terry dressing gown on oneself in a dream means the dreamer lacks attention, affection from a loved one. Such a vision can be explained as follows: he is tired of loneliness, so it's time to start a new love relationship.

A doctor in a white gown in a dream means: you can get the help you are expecting. According to the dream book: a friendly doctor - means you need to ask for help; a closed person says - help, especially about financial issues, should not be expected.

Why do you dream of sewing it? The dream portends the opportunity to create a happy family and a cozy home.

Sergii Haranenko
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