Rope Dream Meaning

The dream in which a rope appeared is interpreted by dream books in a rather diverse way. One interpreter believes that the rope is a sign of an existing attachment to someone or something, another one believes that such a thread speaks of the horizons available in life. Other interpretations of this plot are given below.

To climb over an obstacle with the help of a rope in a dream and unexpectedly breaking off and flying into the abyss – predicts an unexpected turn of fate. The interpretation of dreams warns that, despite a desperate and unshakable desire for success, one will have to face failures and worries. Only confidence in strength and in yourself personally will allow you to rise again to the height to which you strive.

Pulling a clothesline in night dreams means coping with a rather difficult task successfully. It is possible that close friends or even those colleagues with whom you did not communicate too often before will provide all possible help.

If you dream of a long rope, this means your life will be long enough. But, this dream does not at all claim that it will be possible to avoid sorrows. Just try to avoid risks as much as possible and do not put your health in danger.

The Female dream book warns of mortal danger if in a dream you happened to hold a torn rope in your hands. Especially if you dreamed that the break happened unexpectedly.

If you dreamed that you were tying knots on the rope, it means that in reality you are communicating with the wrong people. If you change your current social circle, you will avoid many troubles. Untangling the loops in a dream means rupture of relationship that is harming you.

Finding a loop on your neck in a dream is a sign of big problem. The interpretation of dreams promises troubles at work and in personal life. You should think in advance how you would be able to protect yourself at the moment when these measures are really needed.

A dream about black clothesline is an extremely negative sign. Especially if you saw it on your neck in a dream. It will be very difficult in waking life for a person who had a black noose around his neck. For some time, perhaps quite a long time, you will have to make every effort not to fall out of society. Difficulties at work, in the family and health issues will cause depression.

If you dream of a white clothesline, this means luck will be "on your heels." You will be able to make a dream come true, establish those relations that have not developed for a long time, go on a trip. Dream Interpretation of Hasse is sure that the white color of the rope carries only positive.

If the rope seen in night dreams was green, fate prepares many surprises and discoveries. They will undoubtedly almost all be joyful. Do not be afraid to feel happy, contrary to the proverb, for great sincere joy it is not at all necessary to pay with tears and sorrows.

Sergii Haranenko
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