Abyss Dream Meaning

The dreambooks usually interpret the image of abyss in a dream as a symbol of coming changes and life tests.

Children's dreambook extremely negatively interprets the dream with a plot about chasm. According to it, falling into a deep hole means facing big troubles. The main thing is to show persistence and be patient, all the problems can be solved.

If you saw yourself falling into abyss, this dream symbolizes losing control of the situation. You will not be able to influence the events and circumstances of your life.

Falling into the ditch in a dream is a promise of a happy occasion that will happen in your life very soon. The Dreambook of the 21st century promises incredible luck that will help you get long-awaited happiness. Another interpretation of such plot is bitter disappointment in a friend or lover.

If your husband fell into abyss in your dream, it means he will tell you some important news in real life. Mostly probable the news will be good and bring cardinal changes into your life. However, if you were terrified in a dream, watching your spouse plunge into a dark abyss, then certain difficulties will arise in your relationship.

Standing on the edge of the abyss in a dream is a warning about the coming difficult times. The deeper the abyss seen in the dream was the longer the “black” period will last.

Looking into abyss standing on its edge represents taking an important decision. Such a dream predicts making a fatal mistake. So, you should take enough time thinking everything over properly.

To see a break in front of you in a dream means to be on the verge of physical and moral exhaustion in real life. This interpretation is especially correct if the abyss was incredibly deep and had no bottom.

Jumping over the abyss in a dream is a symbol of successfully overcoming all the difficulties. A jump across a deep abyss can also be seen as a sign of great happiness. Woman’s dreambook promises a passionate love affair that will bring only the feeling of joy without any regret.

The Wanderer’s dreambook promises success in a very risky endeavor if you managed to jump over the abyss. Despite the difficult circumstances, you will be able to complete your plans and achieve the desired.

Hanging over a precipice in a dream, predicts a very difficult situation in real life. Do not try solving all the problems on your own: now is the nest time to ask for help from authoritative people.

According to Miller, flying over abyss means taking an important decision that will change your life. To fly in a dream and experience unlimited happiness during the flight is a promise of replenishment in the family.

If you had a dream about precipice full of water, you should not take any important steps within the next couple of months. All your efforts will be in vain.

To walk on the bridge over the moat predicts completion of responsible work. The Wanderer’s dreambook also predicts overcoming all the dangers and difficulties.

Driving over the abyss in a dream means avoiding a major quarrel.

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Sergii Haranenko
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