Salt Water Dream Meaning

Dreams about salt water can predict both unexpected success and tears, the dreambooks state.

Miller’s dreambook, explaining dreams of brine water, refers to the reservoir, which was filled with this liquid in your dream. You should remember exactly what you saw. So, for example, a lake or a pond - they promise healing to all people who are sick, and promoting health to other dreamers. And if you dreamed that a cup was filled with brine, it means that you will regret some of your actions.

You will be extremely surprised by the subsequent events if you bathed in a bathtub filled with salted water in a dream. Such an image means pleasant surprises, but only if you felt comfortable.

According to Preacher Loff, bathing in brine water is a symbol of unexpected work offer that promises good profit, but for quite hard work. It is up to you to decide whether to take this offer or not.

According to Eastern dreambook, if you were swimming in the saltwater, for example, in the sea, feeling salt on your lips, this plot means you will be able to get rid of bad habits that spoil your health or reputation.

Lunar dreambook predicts success in the chosen field of the lady-dreamer who made swims in the sea for long distances in the night dream. Feel free to proceed with the implementation of your plans, even if they are difficult at first glance.

The plot in which you drink sea or other raw salt water is interpreted by Gypsy’s dreambook as a warning that you will be disappointed if you keep being stubborn and do not listen to other people's advice.

And if you dreamed that you drink freshly brewed brine, then this dream says that you have the intelligence and the strength to admit your mistakes and correct them.

    The dreambooks also give interpretations of unusual actions with saltwater:
  • Washing your face – you will be distracted and inattentive because of your own laziness;
  • Evaporating salt – you will be very suspicious and see tricks in every action;
  • Washing linen – attempts to hide the truth;
  • Watering garden of flowers – an unexpected pleasant event in your personal life;
  • Cooking food – health deterioration and bad mood;
  • Washing a dog – you will help your friend in a difficult and maybe illegal issue;
  • Drowning a cat – you will easily get over your enemy, maybe with his own methods.
Sergii Haranenko
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