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What is the dog dream meaning and symbolism? Dreams about animals always have material reflection in real life; they can even be called prophetic. First of all, a dog in a dream embodies a close friend. The detailed dream interpretation will depend on the animal’s look, behavior, color, size and even mood.

A white dog promises welfare, black dog – problems, red dog one – intimate entertainments. As the dreams interpreters state, a big dog symbolizes and faithful and reliable friend who is ready to put his shoulder even in the most difficult situations. Not depending on color, a big dog is a faithful protector and patron. It also means acquaintance with a husband candidate for an unmarried woman.

The dreambooks take a small dog or a puppy as an unexpected surprise or present that will bring a number of small troubles into your life, both pleasant and not. If you picked up a homeless puppy from the street, you will have to choose between your comfort and calm life and a need to make an altruistic deed and put all your efforts to help your friends or family.

A dog’s bite symbolizes betrayal of the closest person. This can be your partner, relative or even your own children. Egyptian dreambook states that if a dog bit you, this means that someone from your surrounding is using magic to harm you. An angry dog that attacks warns you about sudden conflicts with your colleagues or partners. You will have to protect yourself from gossip and slander on your own. A dead dog in your dream means that your intuition will let you down in the most inappropriate moment. Neither your experience, nor instincts will help you solve the problem that you will suddenly have.

If you turned into a dog in a dream this means you will be protecting someone’s interests without having enough authority, rights and arguments for doing this. A dog with puppies is a symbol of harmony in personal life. Single people will find a partner with whom they will spend the rest of your life. For a couple without children this can be a sign of long-awaited pregnancy. For an elder lady this plot is a symbol of passing entertainment with a young lover.

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A dog’s barking and growling is a symbol of getting bad news or intrigues around you. The dream is a warning to stay away from doubtful ventures; you should also abstain from gambling and risks. According to classic dream interpretations, a dog in blood predicts and accident with one or your relatives. A dream about a dog on chain represents a lot of hard work. You will have to refuse from good dream and rest in order to finish your tasks on time. Feeding a dog is a warning that you will be the reason of your problems that will put you into a dead end.

According to an ancient Russian dreambook, a dog in a dream symbolizes loyalty and courage. You may even be too kind and easy with people around you. As for Longo’s dream interpretation, a dog licking your hand symbolizes successful new job or deserved promotion. A dream about sleeping dog is a sign that you will have to postpone your business because of the children. Other interpreters think that a dog in a dream will bring you double reward for your efforts.

What is the meaning of dog in dreams? An Italian Menegetti dreambook interprets the symbol of dog from the point of view of domination and subordination. This usually symbolizes suppressed relations between relatives or just close people: mother-child, husband-wife. It is the symbol of the one who protects and dominates at the same time.

As for Nostradamus, he thought that a dream about a dog means that your financial situation is not quite stable. You are risking losing all you have gathered; it is time to start making storage. A happy dog barking predicts news about victory. Whatever hardships you were having now, everything will end up at your favor.

    According to Freud, there are the following interpretations of dreams with a dog:
  • a friendly dog – new acquaintances;
  • aggressive dog – a quarrel;
  • tender dog – new love;
  • dog’s bite – long-lasting court issues.

A wild or homeless dog that you are trying to tame symbolizes a conflict or situation that will be very difficult for you to solve.

A Islamic dreambook is the only source that considers a dog an enemy. To beat a dog in your dream is a sign that you will not have any problems with health in future and your organism will manage fighting with minor illness without medicine. As for Miller, he interprets dreams about dog from a positive side. The dreams promise success in business, loyalty of your friends and new financial sources. The dream can symbolize a successful marriage soon and stability in life.

A whining dog seen in a dream is a symbol of sorrow and tears. Besides that such a dream promises a long-distance journey.

Seeing how the dog walks and hearing how it whines indicates the impossibility of reaching your goal goal. A black dog whining in a dream is a sign of trouble. A whining white dog is a sign of illness; a red one promises bright impressions.

    The dreambooks provide brief interpretations depending on details:
  • dog without eyes - means fear of responsibility;
  • dog without paws - the end of the period of failures;
  • sick dog - minor troubles;
  • big dog - predicts expanding the circle of communication;
  • wet dog - means committing a rash act;
  • former dog - symbol of sad memories;
  • hungry dog - financial losses;
  • dirty dog - a serious illness;
  • thoroughbred dog - unexpected wealth;
  • blind dog - a favorable combination of circumstances;
  • friendly dog - meeting with an old acquaintance;
  • thin dog - poor health;
  • gray dog - a difficult period in life;
  • your own dog - means income increase;
  • old dog - parting with a partner;
  • scary dog - strong fright.
    What were your actions in a dream?
  • sitting astride a dog - means participating in an adventure;
  • washing a dog - means minor troubles;
  • watering a dog - symbolizes vain expectations;
  • burying a dog - sign of misfortune;
  • trimming a dog - gossip about the dreamer's past;
  • holding a dog in your arms - reconciliation with the youngest member of the family;
  • getting a dog - predicts the visit of guests;
  • slaughtering a dog - sign of litigation;
  • sheltering a dog in a dream - predicts the fulfillment of desire.
    Here are the Top-5 negative dog dream meanings:
  • A black dog in dreams speaks of betrayal by loved ones.
  • Redhead dog - means communicating with a two-faced person.
  • Choosing a dog - the appearance of a gossip among friends.
  • Running away from a dog is a sign of failure in your personal life.
  • If you dreamed that the dog bit your hand, this means a conflict with colleagues.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams of dogs?
  • A dog in a booth speaks of harmony in relations with family members.
  • Seeing a dog in the forest - means receiving advice from a relative.
  • Feeding a dog - means achieving a high position in society.
  • Stroking a dog in a dream predicts a favorable combination of circumstances.
  • If you dreamed that the dog was barking, this may mean successful completion of business.
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