Seal Dream Meaning

The seal in a dream is identified with the final decision. For people at a crossroads, the dream book predicts a coming resolution of the problem, explaining what it is like to put a seal on something in a dream.

The interpretation of the dream about the stamp in Miller’s dream book comes down to a final and irrevocable event. If you dreamed that you had to put a seal on some document yourself, means the need to make a strong-willed decision and take full responsibility.

Seeing someone open the item you sealed speaks of the fear of unwanted publicity of your secret. To break a wax seal yourself in a dream, portends the prospect of learning someone else's secret.

For those who have seen a dream about a stone falling from the stamp, the Jewish dream book prophesies the complete collapse of the ongoing business.

Miss Hasse compares the dream about a seal on your forehead with the secrets and thoughts of a sleeping person, which should remain a secret to others. Seeing a dream about seal in malfunction or attaching it to paper suggests the need to keep your affairs and ideas in strict confidentiality.

Small Velesov's dream book gives a slightly different interpretation of what the stamp dreams of, predicting denunciation and slander by others.

If you dreamed that you urgently needed to put your seal on some document, this means: think carefully before you publicize your decision.

To receive a letter or paper with an unknown seal in a dream marks the appearance of a person in your life's path, who seems to you a riddle that it will be interesting to solve.

If you had a dream that the stamp of the company was lost and you are very worried about this, a Modern combined dream book announces a favorable period: your family affairs are going on well, and for your friends you are an example to follow.

A black mark in a dream or, as it is also called - a cursed seal, is a symbol of a long-standing debt, a promise you have not fulfilled. Try to get rid of long-standing obligations as soon as possible; otherwise the enterprise that you have conceived is doomed to failure.

It will be easy for young girls to guess what the marriage stamp in the passport represents in dreams. The Dream Book of Lovers predicts a coming wedding or matchmaking. According to Freud, a similar stamp in the passport of your lover is identified with the desire of the dreamer to legitimize his relationship with his partner.

For the man who happened to find a passport with a marriage stamp, the dreambooks point out the dreamer's fears about an unhappy family life, conjugal duty and other obligations.

For family people, a seal symbolizes fidelity; to see it cracked or broken, speaks of problems in relations between spouses.

    Trying to explain what the seal means in dreams, the dream book from A to Z takes into account its look and form:
  • round seal - announces happiness and ideal relationship with a soul mate;
  • triangular - promises dishonorable gaining wealth, and bitter regrets about it;
  • official stamp - predetermines fame and honors;
  • broken, faulty - warns of an upset in business.

According to the Ukrainian dreambook, putting your seal on something in a dream announces the arrival of invited guests. To receive a sealed letter in a dream predetermines the concern of relatives with your “successes”.

Sergii Haranenko
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