Letter Dream Meaning

What is the letter dream meaning? If you dream about a letter, this image usually means drastic life changes. Besides that this plot may predict worsening of relations with someone, as well as receiving the long awaited news.

What is the spiritual meaning of receiving a letter in the dream? If you happened to receive a letter in a dream, the dreambooks assume that the more attractive the envelope was, the brighter the paper was and the nicer the handwriting was the better.

Reading a letter in a dream is a good sign – you will be able to find something interesting in monotonous work and get profit from a situation that seemed unpleasant.

If you started to write a letter, you may consider this making the first step to decisive action in reality. If you were sending a letter in a dream, this is a sign that you are a very purposeful person.

Receiving a love letter from the unknown person is a sign that you will get an interesting offer soon. If you had a sudden love confession from someone you know, you should pay attention to this person in real life, he may really be indifferent to you. A letter from a beloved person is just a reflection that he is thinking about you and cares about what is happening to you. Let your relations develop a natural way, forcing them may spoil everything.

Receiving a letter from your ex-boyfriend is a sign that you will hear from him in real life as well and the news will really surprise you.

Considering modern realities, if you received not a paper, but electronic letter, be sure to check your mailbox, there can be important information waiting for you.

A letter from a deceased person is a warning that you can be deceived by someone. This can just be a reminder about the person who is gone through the dream.

A letter with an envelope symbolizes a mystery, and you will be the one to decide when to reveal it. If it looked neat and even smart, this is a sign of joyful news. Crumpled or stained envelope promises anxiety, trouble. A non-standard envelope predicts unusual news.

Many letters seen in a dream are a symbol of your wish for changes; you are tired of routine and want to experience something new.

Seeing letters in the mailbox means you are on the edge of an important discovery.

    The dreambooks give brief meanings of a letter seen in dreams depending on who it was from:
  • letter from your grandmother - bad luck;
  • anonymous letter - an insult from a stranger;
  • receiving a letter from from God - a long business trip;
  • letter from a beloved brother - a quarrel in the family;
  • letter from a former friend predicts renewed relationship with an old friend;
  • letter from the Almighty - an unpleasant conversation;
  • letter from a dead enemy - sign of danger;
  • letter from a young lover - separation from a loved one;
  • letter from your wife - means her infidelity;
  • letter from a friend you like - disappointment in a partner;
  • letter from your mother-in-law - quarrels with relatives;
  • letter from a person who has not written for a long time - receiving news of the death of a friend;
  • letter from your boss - dismissal;
  • letter from a stranger - sign of trouble;
  • letter from a lover - predicts a short romance;
  • letter from a mistress - a connection with a mercantile person;
  • letter from a friend - a fun party;
  • letter from the deceased - warns of an accident;
  • letter from a fan - getting rid of an annoying person;
  • letter from parents - household chores;
  • letter from the boss - quarrels at work;
  • letter from a soldier - victory in a dispute;
  • letter from a rival - the appearance of a prudent competitor;
  • letter from sister - symbol of joy;
  • letter from your son - worries about children;
  • letter from your father - signing an unsuccessful deal;
  • letter from a gypsy - the risk of becoming a victim of scammers.

Seeing in a dream how someone receives an anonymous letter is a sign of good news. If you write anonymous letters yourself in a dream, this plot predicts litigation. Writing something anonymously in a dream may also mean committing unseemly acts.

Sergii Haranenko
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