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Letter Dream Meaning

If you happened to receive a letter in a dream, the dreambooks assume that the more attractive the envelope was, the brighter the paper was and the nicer the handwriting was the better.

Reading a letter in a dream is a good sign – you will be able to find something interesting in monotonous work and get profit from a situation that seemed unpleasant.

If you started to write a letter, you may consider this making the first step to decisive action in reality. If you were sending a letter in a dream, this is a sign that you are a very purposeful person.

Receiving a love letter from the unknown person is a sign that you will get an interesting offer soon. If you had a sudden love confession from someone you know, you should pay attention to this person in real life, he may really be indifferent to you. A letter from a beloved person is just a reflection that he is thinking about you and cares about what is happening to you. Let your relations develop a natural way, forcing them may spoil everything.

Receiving a letter from your ex-boyfriend is a sign that you will hear from him in real life as well and the news will really surprise you.

Considering modern realities, if you received not a paper, but electronic letter, be sure to check your mailbox, there can be important information waiting for you.

A letter from a deceased person is a warning that you can be deceived by someone. This can just be a reminder about the person who is gone through the dream.

A letter with an envelope symbolizes a mystery, and you will be the one to decide when to reveal it. If it looked neat and even smart, this is a sign of joyful news. Crumpled or stained envelope promises anxiety, trouble. A non-standard envelope predicts unusual news.

Many letters seen in a dream are a symbol of your wish for changes; you are tired of routine and want to experience something new.

Seeing letters in the mailbox means you are on the edge of an important discovery.

Sergii Haranenko

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