Paper Dream Meaning

In most cases a dream about paper has a positive meaning, although sometimes it causes a lot of worries and troubles. Only a few details of the dream may indicate an increased likelihood of misunderstandings and conflicts.

Dream interpretation warns that everything related to a lot of paper in a dream, foreshadows of no less trouble and red tape in reality, as well as unexpected obstacles that impede the promotion of an already difficult business. This circumstance, of course, will somewhat upset the dreamer, but will not ruin his plans.

If the paper in your dream was colorful, the interpreters recommend paying attention to the main shades. Black sheets of paper indicate that the sleeper will receive a categorical refusal. Cheerful colors promise good news. Eating colorful paper in a dream is a symbol of poetic gift, according to the Chinese dreambook.

The dream interpretation of Aesop suggests treating the securities or bonds you see in a dream as a sign that your reputation is in jeopardy. Evil people intend to slander you, employees will let you down, and minor troubles find you everywhere. Be extremely careful in this unfavorable period.

The Women’s dreambook believes that everything related with important papers, documents, says that you have to deal with jurisprudence.

To sign papers in a dream symbolizes the dreamer's doubts on the eve of making an important, almost fateful decision.

When you have to sort out papers in a dream, the Ukrainian dreambook warns that a monotonous and tedious process awaits the dreamer. Looking for papers in a dream means you should be ready for some shock. The interpretation depends on the search result: the documents found mean that the worry is in vain, lost papers confirm your fears.

Eastern dream book considers a white sheet of paper as a mirror that reflects your indecision. Which, it should be noted, is now completely useless: after all, it depends on you which inscription appears on this sheet.

Persian dream book Taflissi considers a blank sheet of paper a harbinger of wealth, honor and success with the opposite sex. All this will certainly overtake the dreamer, only after some time, you just need to wait a bit.

According to one of the interpretations, all dreams of writing on a sheet of paper reflects the arrogance of the dreamer, which sometimes goes off scale and leads to disappointment. Try to assess the situation more objectively.

If someone is burning paper in a dream, this means he has something to hide in reality. The dream reflects a keen desire to completely destroy all the evidence and memories of one unpleasant act.

When you dream of how paper burns, the dream symbolizes a strong disappointment in a person who was once meaningful to you, disappointment in a hobby or an idea.

Dream about wet paper is a sign that someone is trying to spoil your reputation. Cutting out of paper sometimes testifies to the dreamer's habit of giving out empty promises.

If you have repeatedly happened to cut the paper in a dream, the dream calls to reconsider your style of communication with others. Most likely, you have long suspected that you are too harsh and categorical.

Tearing paper in a dream is the same as burning bridges in reality. In the near future, a certain resonant event will force you to make a decision that will not reverse.

What is the papyrus dream meaning? If a person sees himself reading from a papyrus scroll in a dream, this means the person will be established in his house. To see papyrus in a dream symbolizes a letter. Dreaming of an old papyrus it means that you will soon find out what was carefully hidden from you.

What is the biblical meaning of paper in a dream? Taking paper from the hands of respected persons means raising authority and glory among people. Writing something on a piece of paper symbolizes the emergence of distrust between writers and other people.

What does the Family dreambook say about paper spiritual meaning? Seeing a blank sheet of white paper in a dream is a sign of illness, worries, confusion, excuses, troubles. Seeing a letterhead or stamped paper in a dream means that you have to carry out a big deal that promises you sure success.

If the paper in your dream is black or with a black frame, this is a sign that sad news awaits you about the illness or death of your friend or relative. What is the white paper spiritual meaning? White paper in a dream is a harbinger of a boring and uninteresting life; blue paper portends joy and means purity of feelings; dream of pink paper is a harbinger of tenderness and mutual love. Multi-colored paper in your dream is a sign of good news.

Scribbled paper in a dream is a sign of a false denunciation, persecution and false promises. If the text is typed on paper in your dream that you do not remember or could not read, this means you will receive confusing information on the issue of interest to you. Painted paper is a sign of disappointment and confusion. If in a dream you pull the paper towards you, this means you will have a quarrel with a close and dear person.

Seeing sheets of paper flying in a dream predicts that you are at a loss and do not know at all what to do.

Counting sheets of paper in a dream or turning over blank sheets is a sign of a waste of time. The dream warns you that you should not console yourself with vain hopes and listen to empty promises so as not to regret it later.

Seeing in a dream a blank sheet of paper lying in front of you is a harbinger of future changes, which, however, will not happen without your active participation. For those who are thirsty for new love, such a dream predicts that luck is very close and you only need to try a little to reach it.

Crumpled or folded paper in a dream predicts that you will worry a lot about losses and troubles. If the paper is neatly folded, then your expectations will be met and your business will progress according to your expectations. Blotting paper in a dream means that you will talk about someone else's secret and let down the person who trusted you.

    What are the Top-5 adverse paper dream meanings?
  • Dirty paper in dreams speaks of unplanned repairs.
  • Crumpled paper - warns that you might be fired due to the intrigues of colleagues.
  • Buying paper in a dream - predicts the loss of a large amount.
  • Scattering paper in a dream - means plans disrupting.
  • The dream in which you write on paper promises bad news.
    Here are the Top-5 auspicious dreams about paper:
  • Corrugated paper in a dream speaks of profitable cooperation.
  • Wrapping paper - promises a long-awaited purchase.
  • Paper on the table - means gaining valuable experience.
  • Dream of paper in the briefcase - promises getting a highly paid job.
  • Finding paper in a dream - is a sign of unexpected wealth.

Carrying heavy bundles of paper straining with effort - such a dream portends that soon you will have to make a report on your work or explain to your spouse, giving a lengthy answer to one question: what is the money spent on and why is it constantly lacking?

If you saw parchment scrolls in a dream, unfolded them and tried to read, in reality you will meet with a sage who will give you a lot of valuable advice. Writing something on parchment is a sign career change.

Wrapping something in parchment paper symbolizes wasteful behavior. Wrapping your things in paper means coming changes. Someone else wrapping items into paper - means you will have to interfere in other people's affairs.

Sergii Haranenko
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