Series Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you see a show in a dream? Dreaming about series predicts conflicts with family members.

Watching your beloved series in a dream predicts the fulfillment of desire.

    Depending on the actions in a dream:
  • watching the series about yourself - means getting useful information;
  • starring in it - predicts attending an entertainment event;
  • seeing a hero from the soap opera - means social status increase.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about soap opera?

  • The detective series in dreams indicate the risk of becoming a victim of a crime.
  • Mystical serial - the beginning of an unfavorable period.
  • Musical soap opera - means committing an irresponsible act.
  • The series on the TV screen - warns of unplanned expenses.
  • Watching the series on computer - means the loss of self-confidence.

What are the Top-5 positive series dream meanings?

  • The comedy series in dreams predict a joyful event.
  • Adventure serial - may mean having a rest in an exotic country.
  • Documentary serial - means getting a leadership position.
  • The series with the participation of a friend is a sign of a pleasant surprise.
  • Series with a famous actor - recognition in society.

According to the Wanderer's dream book, such a dream predicts an interesting event.

    Additional dream meaning for men:
  • watching the series in dreams way speak of a forced relocation;
  • being a character in it - may show your unwillingness to do someone else's work.

According to the Modern Dream Book, seeing some series in a dream promises fatigue from household chores.

    Additional dream meaning for women:
  • your favorite series mean the appearance of obstacles on the way to the goal;
  • popular show - means deception on the part of your beloved.
    According to Vanga's dream book:
  • the military series in dreams mean winning the competition;
  • popular science serial - means wages increase;
  • fantastic show - meeting an influential person;
  • historical serial - promotion;
  • love soap opera - a romantic date;
  • playing a major role in the series - receiving a declaration of love (for women);
  • shooting series - predicts misunderstanding in relations with family members.
Sergii Haranenko
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