Computer Dream Meaning

The computer entered our life relatively recently. Therefore, only modern dream books can tell what this symbol represents in dreams. It is believed that a laptop personifies in a dream human intelligence and the ability to make decisions.

If you happen to see a PC in a dream, this means the dreamer will have to use his analytical skills to the fullest in the near future. This is the only way to resolve a difficult situation.

This is not the only explanation of why the computer appears in a dream. The coming changes in the workplace will require mental effort.

Often, seeing a computer happens to those who appreciate the ability to receive the necessary information or conduct business being anywhere in the world. It is also possible that you spend too much time with it.

The keyboard seen in a dream symbolizes the high status and respect of others, the value of the dreamer's opinion. Programming or professional graphics processing in a dream portends financial stability.

If you dreamed of someone else working on a portable keyboard, it seems that now is not the time to hesitate: someone more mobile is about to get ahead of you.

The dream in which the monitor appears is an indicator of your awareness. Its breakdown warns against misconceptions and misinformation. A chaotically moving uncontrolled cursor reflects confusion.

Did you have a dream about your computer got frozen? Some order from above can completely discourage you.

If in a dream you are not very good with computers, this means you run the risk of facing an impossible task in reality. You cannot do without the help of a more experienced colleague.

Buying a computer in a dream means promotion or transfer to another, higher-paying job.

If you dreamed about buying a fantastic supercomputer, excessive self-confidence will prevent you from achieving your desired goal.

Buying a laptop in a dream is explained by a Modern dream book as a coming transfer to a new social and financial level. You will have to get used to the new status.

Often, buying a computer in a dream happens to those who really need other people’s help. Do not hesitate to contact, they will meet your requests, the 21st century dream book promises.

If in a dream you were lucky enough to buy a brand new computer, the efforts made earlier and the accumulated knowledge will bear fruit in reality.

A computer program that cannot be stopped indicates overwork and even dependence on the virtual world. It would not hurt to distract from the monitor and change the scene briefly.

The antivirus program indicates the presence of ill-wishers. If in a dream it is installed successfully, this means the real-life situation is under control. If you dreamed that the virus managed to penetrate the system and spoil something, be on the lookout.

A computer game indicates that the dreamer is too absorbed in himself, which is why he sometimes misses important events. Both close people and an adequate assessment of the situation suffer from his indifference.

Sergii Haranenko
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