Silhouette Of A Person Dream Meaning

There is no need to panic if you have seen a black silhouette of a man in a dream. Explaining why there is such a dream, esotericists, fortunetellers, soothsayers simply write their warnings and recommendations. But, whether to follow the advice of dream books and predictors, everyone decides for himself. To rejoice, to be afraid, to feel persecution in a dream means to receive a hint from above.

    Gustav Miller interprets such dreaming ambiguously and advises recalling your emotions in order to determine as reliably as possible why a person’s black silhouette is seen in a dream:
  • to feel delight - predicts a dangerous journey;
  • treacherously setting out to meet him - to gain power;
  • hiding - colliding with enemies;
  • to experience fear - sign of delusions;
  • rejoicing - winning in the upcoming struggle;
  • freezing in place - means making the wrong decisions.

Trying to catch in a dream the outlines of a loved one who moves away and slips away is not a good sign. Most likely, your relationship is nearing a break. Soothsayers advise against holding a life partner against his will. Very soon you will find true love and will thank fate for the positive changes in your personal life.

It would seem that gloomy shadows do not bode well. However, Hasse's dream book insists that the dreamer will be able to move up the career ladder very quickly, get into the government.

Both esotericists and psychologists recommend not going on violations, moving towards your goals. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious trouble and disappointment in the final result.

Why does one dream of shades of light tones, the therapist Tsvetkov describes well in his works. Upcoming trips will be successful. You will be able to earn a decent amount of money.

The silhouette of a person in a dream, according to Vanga, is a warning about an impending disease. The famous predictor offers to undergo an urgent examination, or go on vacation to the sea.

Gypsy dream book calls for vigilance during negotiations with partners if you saw a silhouette of the person whom you know. Someone clearly wants to deceive you and leave you without a significant part of the profit.

The dreambooks call you to be careful when creating new relationships if you dreamed of woman’s silhouette. In addition, long-standing affairs can lead to misunderstandings with loved ones.

Man’s silhouette in a dream means that all started endeavours will end very successfully. Creative people will have crowds of fans. Those who decided not to stop there will certainly receive support from above.

What it means if you saw a silhouette of a child in a dream? Seeing the shape of a baby in a dream predicts pleasant undertaking and chores. Dull family everyday life is replaced by celebrations, festive feasts, fun parties.

Sergii Haranenko
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