Smoked Fish Dream Meaning

Seeing a dream about smoked fish may predict a trip to an exotic country. Eating rancid smoked fish or treating it to someone in a dream indicates one’s wish for revenge or committing a vicious act.

According to Sigmund Freud, smoked fish in dreams speaks of disappointment in a sexual partner.

According to Miller's dream book, smoked fish in a dream promises interesting events; trying it - means attention from your loved ones.

According to Vanga's dream book, eating smoked fish is a dream of problems in business due to the betrayal of a friend.

A dream about salting smoked fish warns of quarrels with people around you.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, the dream of kippers may mean that you need to change jobs.

What was the smoked fish like in your dream?

  • kippers without head - victory over enemies;
  • big smoked fish - big problems;
  • smoked fish with scales - a serious conversation with a loved one;
  • tasty smoked fish - good changes in life;
  • fatty smoked fish - a cold;
  • beautiful smoked fish - well-being;
  • smoked red fish - a conflict at work;
  • large smoked fish - wealth increase;
  • huge smoked fish - stress;
  • small smoked fish - minor troubles;
  • rotten smoked fish - problems with the boss due to gossip;
  • smoked fish with worms - receiving an inheritance;
  • smoked fish cut into pieces - painful memories.
  • What else did you see in a dream together with the smoked fish?
  • smoked fish and balyk - carelessness and fun;
  • smoked fish, cucumbers and meat - a party with friends;
  • smoked fish, vodka and beer - bad mood;
  • smoked fish and red caviar - replenishment in the family;
  • smoked, dried and fried fish - a successful trip to distant countries;
  • smoked and fresh fish - a humiliating situation at work;
  • smoked and live fish - a good deal;
  • smoked and frozen fish - deterioration in well-being.

Where did you see the smoked fish in your dream?

  • smoked fish in the store - loneliness;
  • smoked fish in the package - solving material problems;
  • smoked fish in the refrigerator - honor and glory;
  • smoked fish on the ground - sadness;
  • smoked fish on the counter - moving to another city;
  • smoked fish in the market - conflict with friends;
  • smoked fish on the table - happy events;
  • smoked fish on a plate - worries.

Which fish variety did you see smoked in a dream?

  • smoked bream - a serious illness;
  • smoked capelin - troubles;
  • smoked sturgeon - a short romance;
  • smoked halibut - improving the financial situation;
  • smoked herring - a pleasant surprise;
  • smoked mackerel - the visit of guests;
  • smoked catfish - unexpected problems;
  • smoked pike - the emergence of competitors;
  • smoked flounder - the loss of a valuable thing.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about smoked fish?

  • Throwing away a large amount of smoked fish is a sign of loss due to negligence.
  • Smoked fish on the wedding table - unplanned expenses.
  • Golden smoked fish - problems with the law due to the offense committed.
  • Several smoked aquarium fishes - cruelty towards children.
  • Eating spoiled smoked fish and getting poisoned means a dangerous situation.

What are the Top-5 positive smoked fish dream meanings?

  • Eating smoked fish with friends speaks of a successful completion of the work begun.
  • Seeing how cats eat smoked fish - the emergence of interesting proposals.
  • Birds eating smoked fish - career growth.
  • Eating smoked fish and potatoes predicts a fun trip to nature.
  • Eating smoked fish and seafood - symbolizes wealth.
Sergii Haranenko
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