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Caviar Dream Meaning

The dreambooks have different interpretations for the images of black, red, other fish caviar and vegetable stew. According to different sources, vegetable caviar can predict both disappointments and stability of financial situation. Very often caviar in a dream symbolizes fertility and procreation.

Some interpretations of the dream are related to the dreamer’s relations with the opposite sex. This symbol often means giving birth to children, changes in personal life (usually positive ones), secret wishes and fantasies. Some old dreambooks consider that a dream about this delicacy will bring profit to your family. A Culinary dreambook considers caviar a very positive sign and it states that the person who sees it will be lucky either in his prosperity or in love. Raw caviar is always a positive symbol; it will bring the dreamer unexpected presents and luck in solving financial issues.

Squash caviar is warning that now is not the best time for any new starts and it is better to postpone realization of your new plans; there is very high possibility to get disappointed.

Herring caviar is a promise of absolutely unexpected events in the dreamer’s life.

The dreambooks think that plots with caviar are often seen at night by people who think a lot about their intimate life, high interests for the opposite sex and wishes that can not be fulfilled at the moment.

According to Miller, caviar in a dream is a precursor of pregnancy, either in your family or in the family of your close relatives or good friends’. If you witnessed caviar spawn this interpretation becomes absolutely correct.

Another interpretation of a dream about caviar is that you might have a number of noisy guests and noisy restless children. Black caviar is often a harbinger of deception or separation, and the red one promises victory and success. If you were buying black or red caviar in a dream, you should be careful with your promises. It will take a lot of efforts to fulfill them at the moment.

If you were lucky to eat caviar in a dream, you will be invited to some prestigious event soon.

Sergii Haranenko

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