Strike Dream Meaning

What does dreaming of a strike mean? According to the Newest dreambook, if you are the organizer of a strike, this means you will show stubbornness and will be punished for it.

If in a dream you are an active participant in the strike, this means an extremely serious conflict with a person of the opposite sex who is in love with you.

Here is what Longo’s dreambook says about dreaming of a strike. Participating in a strike means that in real life you are a very energetic person who always defends his rights. No matter how much you risk, you always believe that the law was given to help a person live.

Seeing a strike from the side: the dream characterizes your position in life -complete non-interference in anything. You think that being too curious or, even worse, being too active will backfire on you.

Breaking up a strike means that in waking life, when you occupy a position of authority, you really don’t like it when people demand something from you or defend something. This instantly puts you in a bad mood, which you find difficult to get rid of.

Here is the interpretation from Sexual dreams dreambook. If in a dream you take part in a strike, it means that you are an extremely restless person who strives to reach the truth in everything. You do not tolerate lies - even for the purpose of embellishing events - and you despise coquetry.

Even if you want to impress your partner, you will not idealize yourself in his eyes.

If you dreamed that you were taking part in a strike, this means that in real life you are too restless. You always strive to get to the bottom of the truth, even if this is not necessary. You are too truthful and demand the same from others, the Psychological dreambook thinks.

Your relationship with the opposite sex does not work out because you are not capable of coquetry and elegant lies. You should learn to slightly embellish reality in order to appear better - then everyone will be crazy about you.

According to the Alphabetical dreambook, if you dream of some kind of strike, accompanied by noisy rallies and clashes with government officials, in reality you should expect troubles at work, which may result in the reduction of production and staff reductions.

If in a dream you actively participate in a strike and even provoke law enforcement agencies into street excesses, it means that in real life you find yourself in a difficult psychological situation that threatens you with stress and a nervous breakdown.

Strikes are often associated with labor disputes and disagreements between workers and employers. Dreaming about a strike may symbolize feelings of conflict, discontent, or dissatisfaction in your waking life. It could represent tension or disagreements in your personal relationships, workplace, or social environment.

A strike in a dream may also symbolize a power struggle or a desire for greater control or influence. It could reflect your subconscious feelings of being marginalized, oppressed, or undervalued, and your desire to assert yourself or stand up for your rights.

Dreaming about a strike may indicate a need for change or advocacy in your life or in society. It could suggest that you are passionate about a particular cause or issue and feel compelled to take action to bring about positive change.

In some cases, dreaming about a strike may reflect fears or anxieties about loss, instability, or uncertainty. It could symbolize concerns about losing your job, income, or sense of security, especially in times of economic hardship or political unrest.

Alternatively, dreaming about a strike may represent a subconscious desire for rest, relaxation, or a break from your usual routine. It could signify a need to take a step back and reassess your priorities or approach to work and life.

Sergii Haranenko
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