Being Late For Work Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself late for work predicts doubts, worries and anxiety. The dreamer sometimes shows carelessness, puts little effort to achieve his goals. This plot is also a warning about slander and unpleasant disappointments.

If you were dreaming that you are late for work, this plot means that all your energy is concentrated on work and such behavior is unfavorable for your personal life.

Such dream can also show that you regret missing the chances. Such dream also warns: you will soon receive a reprimand from the management, well-founded claims on which there will be nothing to argue. Do not argue with the boss, and promise to correct yourself.

According to Miller, being late for work in a dream is a symbol of doubts in your actions, worries about future and feeling responsibility for the tasks you were given.

If you had a dream that you were late for your new work, this plot indicates fear of the demand of the world around.

    Do you remember the reason why you were late for work?
  • being late for work because you overslept – troubles, cares to help a friend or acquaintance;
  • being late for work because of the member of your family – offenses and conflicts with relatives will begin;
  • dream of being late for work because public transport has failed – you hope for luck too much, you do not be so careless;
  • if you got late for work because your car broke down – those whose support you expect in an important issue will not help.

If you saw a dream about waking up not in your place and being late for work, this plot means that there is a difficult conversation ahead, a discussion of perspectives and relationships.

If the alarm didn’t ring on time in your dream, this means you will soon receive bad news from afar; you will have to act fast.

Running to work but understanding that you are late is a warning about slander. There will be unpleasant accusations, with which you will not be able to handle yourself.

If a young girl had a dream about being late for work, this plot means she will have love disappointment. Her partner will not be ready for serious relations. If a married woman saw such a dream this means she will have to excuse herself for what she hasn’t done.

If a man sees a dream about being late on the eve of an important event, this means he will have to gather all his strength and efforts in order to achieve his goal.

If you often see dreams that you are late for work, this means you will not be able to cope with the difficulties on your own. You need to find people who would help you and protect.

The dreambooks also think that seeing such dreams is a sign that you are putting too little efforts to cope with your tasks.

A dream in which a person is late for work is interpreted by an American researcher Miller as receiving a reprimand from the boss. Also, a dream can be interpreted as a warning about extreme fatigue or an imminent illness of the sleeping person.

Sigmund Freud interprets the dream of being late for work as follows: fear of sudden death; fear of being unsuccessful in the profession; worries about relationships with a partner.

According to Vanga, dreams of being late for work show the dreamer's hidden desire to change something in his life.

If a dream about being late for work is repeated every night, this reflects an obsession with some idea (solving a work issue, promotion). Attempts to be in time, haste - mean severe overwork, a nervous breakdown.

Seeing that the boss is late for work means loss of respect for him and a major scandal. If a colleague was late in a dream, then you can expect a successful completion of business and promotion.

    What are the Top-5 dreams of being late for work?
  • Oversleeping for work - sign of severe overwork.
  • To dream about how you run to work and still not being on time - means the inability to organize your time in real life.
  • Talking in a dream about your late arrival with the management or colleagues - hopes for the help of friends will not justify themselves.
  • Dream about driving fast, but still being late - means signing an unprofitable contract.
  • Going to work by bus and being late - symbolizes unforeseen expenses.
    Here are the Top-5 being late for work dream meanings:
  • Being late for work due to being stuck in a traffic jam - means the dreamer will be able to complete an important task at the last moment.
  • Receiving a reprimand from management for being late - means the sleeper will escape punishment for a serious misconduct.
  • Seeing how your co-worker is late a work indicates victory in the competition.
  • Being late for the train and late to arrive at the office - means getting a great offer.
  • If you dreamed that you were trying to get to work on time, but you were still late, symbolizes fun pastime.
Sergii Haranenko
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