Swollen Face Dream Meaning

If you happened to see your own swollen face in a dream, this means you will soon get a significant profit and even get rich.

Did you happen to see yourself swollen and fat in a dream? Do not start to panic - the interpretation of a dream is favorable. This is a sure sign that you will live in contentment and luxury.

Did you have a dream that you saw yourself fat, swollen and clearly unhappy? Dream Interpretation suspects that in dreams you became acquainted with your true self, hidden under the usual mask.

But most often, to see yourself with a swollen face means that you worry too much about your appearance and constantly think about how others evaluate it.

What else does a swollen face symbolize in a dream? If the tumor appeared after the blow, this plot means the ill-wishers spread unflattering rumors behind your back.

Unfortunately, people around us trust vicious tales without looking back, and this can negatively affect your relations with people you are close with.

A tumor that arose in a dream as a result of a blow marks a painful condition that occurs due to excessive suspiciousness.

If you had a dream that you saw your swollen face in the mirror, the dream interpretation thinks that something oppresses you and you wish to return to more light times. But the very thick cheeks reflected in the mirror promise a promotion.

If the face in the mirror is puffy in a dream, as if after a party, then you should by all means agree to a certain proposal. In the future, it will bring great monetary benefits.

Why does one dream that your own swollen face has become almost unrecognizable?

For women, a dream book guarantees successful shopping, but men will clearly not be satisfied with the results of the work done.

Swollen and somewhat asymmetric cheeks in a dream guarantee a profit. It can be a good deal, a new job or a bonus.

    For a more detailed interpretation, it is worth considering additional nuances.
  • Red face means a stupid mistake, anger.
  • Pale face - suffering, humiliation.
  • Dirty face - relief after a difficult task.
  • With clean skin - success in business and at work.
  • With inflamed acne - damage.
  • With smallpox - a serious illness.
  • Face with scars is a symbol of responsibility.
  • Burnt face - criticism without consequences.

Why is you swollen face seen in a dream by Miller’s dream book? This means that you will fall into extreme discontent, because you can not get together and finish the job started.

Had a dream that the face was swollen due to a bad tooth? The dream book advises worrying less about trifles; otherwise you will not notice something important and significant.

If in a dream a swollen face itches, hurts and generally causes inconvenience, this is a sign that you are trying to hide from some kind of problem. However, it constantly reminds herself and prevents you from living calmly. The Dream Interpretation recommends dealing with unresolved issues as soon as possible, otherwise you will become permanently immersed in difficulties.

Did you have a dream that the swollen face became the same as it was right in front of your eyes? In a dream, it is a sign that you are protected by a secret power that protects you from troubles.

But the dream book does not advise you to relax! Excessive carelessness can lead to the loss of this invisible favor and then all imaginable troubles will fall on your head.

Sergii Haranenko
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