Teeth Dream Meaning

Teeth spiritual dream meaning.

What do dreams about teeth symbolize? Teeth are often associated with the idea of transition and transformation. Dreaming of teeth falling out or being replaced might symbolize a personal transformation or a significant life change that you are going through.

Teeth are used for speaking and communication. In dreams, problems with teeth, such as losing them or having them decay, can sometimes indicate difficulties in expressing yourself or communicating effectively.

Teeth are also seen as a symbol of vulnerability. Dreaming of teeth being damaged or falling out might represent feelings of vulnerability or insecurity in your waking life.

In some interpretations, the condition of your teeth in a dream can reflect your physical or emotional health. Healthy, strong teeth may symbolize overall well-being, while damaged or decaying teeth might suggest health concerns or emotional issues.

Losing teeth in a dream can be seen as a metaphor for loss. However, it can also symbolize the potential for regeneration and renewal, as teeth can grow back in real life.

In some interpretations, teeth dreams can be related to repressed emotions or unspoken words. They might suggest the need to address emotional issues or express feelings that have been kept hidden.

In some belief systems, teeth are associated with protection and grounding. Dreaming of strong, healthy teeth might symbolize your inner strength and the ability to protect yourself from negative influences.

What does a dream about teeth mean? Are you dreaming of teeth falling? Did you dream about missing teeth? According to majority dreambooks’ interpretations, seeing teeth is an unfavorable sign, especially if they were falling out or spoiled. But the detailed explanation of the dream depends on the plot’s details.

According to russian national dreambook, dreams about teeth indicate good health and a lot of life energy. This dream can also reflect the dreamer’s hidden aggression. Medea’s dreambook explains this dream as big changes in the dreamer’s life related with his health.

According to Miller, the image of teeth in a dream predicts problems with health and facing the ill-wishers in real life. The other interpretation of a dream where you had the same amount of teeth as in reality indicates that you will get back the lost jewelry but this will be a long and difficult path.

The Islamic dreambooks associate teeth dreams with the members of family: four front teeth are children and siblings, canine teeth symbolize uncles and aunts, other teeth symbolize elder relatives. You can judge about the dream interpretation depending on details. A tooth falling out, for example, is associated with childbirth.

Vanga’s dreambook considers that white clean healthy teeth predict good times and positive changes. If the teeth were black and spoiled, the dream can symbolize health problems; you should not work too much because this may cause health problems too.

What do dreams about teeth falling out mean? If a tooth fell out in your dream, this plot can symbolize death of someone you know, if there was a lot of blood as well, this can be the death of your relative. Pulling out teeth is considered a positive sign that the dreamer will be freed from some problem that was troubling him recently. There is another interpretation of pulling out a tooth that is rotten in real life. It is a prediction of very hard times for dreamer; starvation and closeness to death are waiting for him.

A reeling tooth has similar interpretation: the dreamer will have troubles and difficulties in achieving his goal, hard times when he will have to reject a lot of things.

If the teeth were knocked out with the help of tongue, luck and success are waiting for you. If they were knocked out by other people, this is a symbol of hard disease.

The lack of incisors indicates some kind of distancing from relatives and people from your close surrounding, inability to communicate with them. If you saw a dream about a jaw with canine teeth and had to take care about it and wash it, the dream promises a visit of a relative. If the jaw was artificial, the dream warns you from insincere friends in your surrounding.

Crashing teeth also reflect the state of your health and indicate serious problems. The dream can also show that there are false friends near you. A dream about a tooth chip is interpreted as a big quarrel with a relative and you will not communicate for a long time after this.

A tooth with fissure that is holding like this and not falling out symbolizes spoiling relations between relatives, they will not stop communicating but the relations will be cool. The same plot may also indicate an awkward situation when the dreamer’s reputation will be on stake. If a tooth that looked white and healthy suddenly cracked, there is no doubt about this dream’s interpretation: there is an envious person in your surrounding who is spreading gossip about you and looks you straight in the eye.

Vanga’s dreambook considers that white clean healthy teeth predict good times and positive changes. If the teeth were black and spoiled, the dream can symbolize health problems; you should not work too much because this may cause health problems too.

If teeth were breaking down, you can expect a quarrel with someone close you, you may even stop your relations. The more teeth were broken, the harder the conflict is. Teeth falling out can indicate your being overprotective for your family; you are so much afraid to lose them that this is reflected in your dreams.

Spitting out a tooth predicts dishonor, losing power and authority. Pushing them out of the mouth with your tongue can even promise a lottery winning. A hole in a tooth symbolizes insincere friends. This dream can also indicate moral tiredness or a coming illness of someone close to you.

If you were looking at teeth plaque and then got rid of it in a dream, you may be sure that the period of illness and stresses is over, you will soon feel renewed. Black teeth in a dream may symbolize a hidden conflict. You are not showing your dissatisfaction openly and this only spoils your relations; try meeting the person and talking sincerely.

Crooked teeth is an unpleasant sign indicating betrayal of the person closest to you, he is the last person you can expect to do such a thing. Healthy straight white teeth are a favorable sign of moral and physical health and success. A gap between teeth indicates flow of information coming from your relatives. Good news that will improve your life soon, are waiting for you.

Wisdom tooth that has many roots indicates new acquaintance and relations. Children’s teeth falling out are also a good sign of career growth or change of dwelling.

Besides that wisdom teeth in a dream may predict communication with an unpleasant person. Dreaming of wisdom teeth may mean promotion or getting a bonus.

Wisdom tooth falling out in a dream indicates problem solving. Seeing a wisdom tooth growing is a sign of financial difficulties. Pulling out a wisdom tooth is a sign of fatigue.

Top-5 negative wisdom teeth dream meanings.

  • A rotten wisdom tooth predicts deterioration in well-being.
  • Wisdom tooth pulled out - means stagnation in business.
  • Wisdom tooth with a hole - unforeseen expenses.
  • If you dreamed that your wisdom teeth were loose, this means an unsuccessful business trip.
  • Broken wisdom tooth - sign of trouble.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams about wisdom teeth?

  • Healthy wisdom teeth in a dream speak of a family celebration.
  • Straight wisdom teeth - well-being improvement.
  • Brushing your wisdom teeth is a sign of an important event.
  • Treating wisdom teeth - means making the right decision.
  • Seeing that wisdom teeth have been extracted is a symbol of good mood.

If you dream that something is stuck in your teeth, then wait for a stop in business and other obstacles. Try to remove this object from the tooth in a dream - and your affairs in real life will get better. Other dreambooks consider that teeth with food stuck in them suggest that wealth and well-being will come to your home.

To see yourself toothless in a dream indicates the fact that in reality you will struggle for your interests very weakly. Also, poor health will prevent you from doing this, because of it you will not be able to achieve your goals. A dream in which other people are toothless means that you can defeat your enemies with a little more effort.

Dream about someone else's teeth.

Dreams about someone else's teeth usually predicts positive life changes or the support of your friends in a difficult situation. Besides that other person's teeth seen in a dream may predict disturbing thoughts. The correct dream interpretation depends on details, of course.

  • someone's white teeth - the implementation of the plan;
  • seeing a person with rotten teeth - an exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • dream about teeth with blood - means victory in the competitive struggle;
  • holding someone else's false teeth (denture) in your hands - warns about loss of reputation;
  • seeing teeth in another person's mouth - is a symbol of joy;
  • someone else's spoiled teeth in a dream speak of deception;
  • sharp teeth of another person - well-being and prosperity in the house;
  • someone else's clenched teeth - a painful separation;
  • one tooth of another person may speak of beneficial cooperation;
  • two teeth belonging to someone else - improving relations with relatives;
  • a lot of teeth belonging to another person - getting big profit;
  • finding someone else's tooth - means achieving the goal quickly.

What are the Top-5 negative meanings of dreaming of someone else's teeth?

  • Someone else's crooked teeth mean committing a bad deed.
  • Seeing someone else with broken teeth - predicts bereavement.
  • Pulling out someone's teeth is a sign of danger.
  • Knocking out another person's teeth - indicates problems due to gullibility.
  • Seeing someone spit out a pair of teeth is a sign of moral and physical fatigue.

Top-5 favorable dreams about another person's teeth.

  • Dream of someone else's gold teeth speaks of recognition and respect in society.
  • Seeing a person with silver teeth - means a successful investment of personal funds.
  • Dream about a person with beautiful teeth - means increase social status.
  • To treat someone's teeth in a dream - means improving your health.
  • Brushing someone's teeth - symbolizes a way out of a predicament.
Sergii Haranenko
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