Mirror Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about mirror? For full interpretation of the dream and decoding what looking in the mirror mean, you should pay attention to the reflection which appears in the mirror. Basically, the dreambooks explain such images as secret desires or the subconscious fear of a sleeping person.

If young people see themselves in a mirror in a dream without distortion, but with a clearly changed surrounding, this means changing their place of residence or moving to another city. Such dreams personify the inner self of a person, his subconscious, attitude to people, to the environment, the expression of personal desires and aspirations.

If a young girl sees her own reflection in a luxurious outfit, the dreambooks promise having a good time and also an opportunity to show all your good qualities and show yourself from the positive side.

Such dreams, in which you tried on clothes in front of the mirror and they fit just right, indicate success in your career, advantageous contracting or starting your own business. If the clothing had any defects, or not your size in the reflection, it means that you have to work hard and wait a bit in order to achieve your goals.

If a young woman was painting her lips in front of the mirror in a dream, such plot predicts a coming love date. Scarlet, red, burgundy lipstick foreshadows passion, brown, beige, pastel - a phased development of events and relationships, lip gloss - friendship.

If a married woman was putting on makeup in front of the mirror, such plot foreshadows new love experiences. It can be both newly resurrected feelings for her own husband, or an unplanned love and passionate affair with another man.

To understand what dreams about your own face in the mirror mean, you should pay attention to the emotions that appear on it. This dream is often interpreted as tangible and significant changes in a person’s life.

If the reflection in a dream draws joy, smile, fun, sparkling eyes, this is a sign of coming global changes that will affect the dreamer exclusively in a good way.

If sadness, melancholy and faded eyes are reflected in the mirror, the dreambook heralds the negative effect of change that will bring a person worries, excitement and frustration.

If a man has a dream where he has gray hair in a mirror, it means he should pay attention to his own work or business. This dream often speaks of a sharp decline in business; in rare cases it can mean illness or even death.

To dance in front of a mirror and admire your movements in a dream means that you will soon be able to establish yourself well in work. However, the dreambook warns that you should not get involved in narcissism, otherwise all your work will go down the drain, and the opinion of your boss will not be very good.

If a young unmarried girl was combing her hair in front of the mirror, the dreambooks warn against committing frivolous deed and rash spending. If she used a comb, she should wait for the end of problems and anxieties. Seeing hairs on a comb predict substantial losses that can affect your financial well-being.

The same plot predicts quarrels and unpleasant conversation with husband for married women. If a man sees a dream about combing his hair, this is a sign he should take care of his hair problems in order not to remain bald. Sometimes this is a sign of problems in love affairs.

Often the dream about cracked mirror speaks of sudden changes that will make the dreamer nervous, worried, and upset. Rarely, such a picture may indicate intractable disease at the members of your family.

A person who has seen a broken mirror in a dream should say goodbye to his goal or long-term plans. Dreambooks interpret this image as the destruction of the hopes, the tasks set, as well as the cruel disappointment in love and his chosen one.

If a man broke a mirror in a dream, this plot predicts unpleasant conversation with his wife about his possible adultery.

To see the scattered fragments of a mirror means that a strong emotional outburst or stress is coming. To see your reflection in these fragments speaks of the destruction of hopes, as well as an incredible disappointment that could lead the dreamer into depression.

Nostradamus’s interpretation of a mirror in a dream explains this image as the personification of duality, falsehood and some kind of mystery. In order to understand the meaning of a big mirror in a dream, you should pay attention to its surface. If it is covered with dust or some membrane, one should expect a dirty trick or betrayal from people you know, who have been plotting intrigues behind your back for a long time.

If a person happened to buy a mirror in a dream, it means that subconsciously he feels the onset of change or trouble. A small mirror indicates minor troubles that do not greatly affect the dreamer, buying a pier-glass predicts serious family discord and problems at work.

A new mirror for a young girl, according to the dreambook, implies the emergence of a person who can easily enter her life and become a necessity for her. If a man dreams of a new mirror, the image foreshadows the successful launch of a new project or the appearance of a new job, which he had long dreamed of.

A dirty mirror speaks of unreliability of the inner circle. Unreliable people clearly spread intrigues behind the dreamer's back, which can lead to negative consequences.

Washing a mirror in a dream means that the dreamer will have to cope with the hassles that unexpectedly appeared at the cost of his own efforts. If such dream was seen by a young woman, she will manage to clear herself of slander and justify herself in the eyes of society.

A closed mirror seen in a dream has ambiguous interpretations. On the one hand, this means intrigue and reticence, which in one way or another will affect the dreamer. However, if the girl herself closes her reflection with her hands or canvas, it means that she feels remorse or she is not honest enough with people close to her.

According to Miller’s dreambook, to look in a mirror in a dream means that a person will have to face a large number of obstacles that can affect his measured life. To see someone else's reflection in the mirror is interpreted as the wrong actions of a familiar person in relation to the dreamer.

If the seen inspires fear and despair, the actions of others will cause some trouble to the dreamer. If the vision causes a feeling of happiness and pleasant excitement, this dream speaks of the indifferent attitude of the seen person to the dreamer.

A man who dreamed of a dead man in a mirror should try to understand himself and the reason for changing his behavior and actions. Such an image seen by a woman portends a quick change of priorities and values in life.

A silent, calm, smiling phantom seen in the mirror warns that a person can not decide on his own life position and goals. A laughing, aggressive ghost is a harbinger of a conspiracy behind the dreamer’s back.

If a young unmarried woman sees a man in the mirror, this plot predicts a coming proposal or wedding.

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Sergii Haranenko
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