Tied-up Person Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about a person who is tied up? Miller’s dreambook assumes that ropes limiting movements reflect the wish of power and controlling everything and everyone. When a friend or acquaintance appears in such dream, it is a signal that in reality he is tired of the dreamer's pressure or persistence.

If you dreamed that the captive escaped from the fetters, this means that your looseness shocks people around you. If a bound person has no chance of release, you can be expecting a long-awaited long-distance trip.

If you were the one who was tied in a dream, Hasse’s dreambook states that the circumstances are not in the dreamer’s favor. Your health can let you down or an annoying accident will take place and you will not be able to prevent the mistake.

Nostradamus mentions burdensome chores, duties. If you managed to get stuck in the ropes yourself, worries will increase as a result of the dreamer’s weakness.

When your acquaintance appears in bounds in a dream, Medea’s dreambook reminds of his slowness in reality. This is not the best candidate to perform important tasks and store large sums. The meaning of interpretation is not canceled if you could only hear that this person was tied up in a dream.

According to the Universal dreambook, people who do not manage their lives, time and finances can see dreams about their tied-up relatives.

    The details of the image can have different interpretations:
  • The ropes on the person’s feet mean you will not manage to fulfill your plans;
  • Tied hands symbolize mental pressure in reality;
  • If you dreamed of being tied to a chair, the problem will be solved;
  • Being naked and tied on a leash reflects futile attempts to get attention;
  • If you had to tie-up somebody in a dream, this means you should be more delicate in real life;
  • Mouth sealed with duct tape predicts a compromise.

According to Vanga, dreams about ties often suggests that like-minded people have gathered under one roof. Sometimes a symbol represents a misunderstanding, which it is desirable to resolve, until it has gone too far.

Sigmund Freud in his interpretation hints about forbidden fantasies in the intimate sphere, which you would like to experience. New sensations will give relationships some spice.

Liberation from captivity symbolizes relief: solving a difficult task, getting rid of pesky duties. If it was uneasy for you to release yourself, the problems will be solved not on the most favorable terms.

If the bonds were getting tighter with your every move, this plot means that you will need friends’ help.

The symbol of tied-up person also represents the opportunity to receive unexpected income in not the most legitimate way; the dreamer will manage to get away with it.

A married lady happens see a tied man shortly before a passionate affair with a persistent lover.

Sergii Haranenko
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