Water In The House Dream Meaning

What is the dream meaning of a house full of water? It is difficult to give exact explanation of a dream about water in the house; its interpretation depends on water condition, color and the way it got to the dwelling. For example, flood that is ruining the house is a real trouble caused by burst of emotions. You are probably close to the moment when your feelings can get out of control and can hurt others; the dreambooks advise calming down and analyzing your behavior.

If your dream was about house flooding and the water war running even from the ceiling, this can be the symbol of the dreamer’s dissatisfaction. Maybe you have been thinking about refurbishment, work change or relations break for a long time already. A house ruined by water is a symbol of fall of you dreams and wishes. Flood in the building can also warn about threat for your property. Ceiling falling from water predicts quarrels and misunderstandings. If you managed to cope with the flood in your dream, you will manage to overcome your problems in real life.

Seeing your house standing in water is also not a good sign, it is a reflection of low and vicious feelings. A lot of water in the house in a dream shows that you are feeling dependent on circumstances. Crystal clear water coming gradually symbolizes getting knowledge. A rapid flood after which only roof is seen is a prediction of troubles and tragic events. If the water was flooding everything around and suddenly stopped, this dream tells you about finishing some business.

Water in the house can also symbolize talks. If it was clear, the talks are harmless, but if it was muddy or dirty, beware of flood of information and gossip. If your house is standing in crystal clear spring water, welfare and happiness is waiting for you in real life. If green water was running across your doorway, you can expect promotion at work.

If it wasn’t just running, but even boiling, this is a sign of your new creative ideas. Rusty water flooding your house shows that your dream will come true, but you will have to put a lot of efforts. Ice-cold water in the building promises excellent health for the members of your family.

Sergii Haranenko
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