Water On The Floor Dream Meaning

Seeing a dream about your place flooded with water is a symbol of sudden feelings, emotions and events. According to Miller, muddy water on the floor predicts problems and illness; crystal clear water promises happiness and great health. Hot water flooding the place and gathering in puddle on the parquet floor is not a very favorable sign which means struggle with a strong rival who has connections.

    The details of the dream will help get better interpretation of what you saw:
  • if you were wiping water from the floor – you will resume your spoiled reputation;
  • if you barely dipped if with a rag – your health will be spoiled;
  • you sat in the puddle and kept sitting there – your actions will become a risk for the whole enterprise;
  • you overstepped it and went away – ignorance and offences;
  • you fell into water puddle splashing it around – sudden news that will cause a lot of emotions.

Flood in your bedroom is a reflection of personal relations. Happiness and harmony is promised if you were washing the bedroom floor with clean water. If you spilled water and it gathered with puddles on the bedroom floor, this dream can be a promise of pregnancy for a woman.

Spilling water on the carpet can bring some disagreements with your husband. If you were trying to dip the spilled tea with a rag in your dream, this means you will be trying to restore relations with your partner; if you decided that it was not worth cleaning it separately and continued washing the floors, the dream is warning that misunderstandings can grow into big conflict.

A lot of water on the kitchen floor promises gastronomic abundance. If you decided to wash kitchen windows and spilled the water bucket, you will have guests soon. If you were mopping drops of water on the floor coming from the fridge, the dream indicates some problems with stomach.

Water on the bathroom floor is the sign of money wasting in vain and some financial issues. If you were gathering water from the bathroom floor with your dress, this plot is a symbol of successful investment. Gathering water around toilet and pouring it into a bucket is a sign of finding a good job.

A flooded living-room is a good sign of renewals in your life. If the water was clean the changes will be positive and you will clear your reputation. Muddy and dirty water brings misunderstanding and problems.

Sergii Haranenko
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