Washing Windows Dream Meaning

Washing windows in a dream predicts significant changes, change of your views and success thanks to hard work. But the dreambooks also indicate that small troubles and negative emotions are possible as well.

Washing windows in a dream can be a sign that the dreamer will get rid of established but wrong opinion about something. If you were washing windows spotted by paint, this plot states that the dreamer will lose because he will refuse from an offer that seemed non-perspective but turned to be quite profitable.

If you were washing windows at the place with a deceased person or saw him during the washing, this dream shows that you are being too suspicious, subject to groundless fears, anxieties. If you trust yourself more, the work will be easier and more pleasant.

If the place where you washed the windows was unfamiliar to you, you will try to prove your point of view to others.

If you decided to wash the windows because they were very dirty, this dream is a symbol that you will succeed thanks to hard work. If you washed not the whole window but only the dirty spots, this means you will have to deal will small troubles soon.

A dream when you washed the windows from a hose means that someone or something irritates you a lot. You will not be able to restrain your negative emotions soon.

If you washed the windows and wiped it with a newspaper, you will make an action that will surprise even you. Besides that washing the window glass is a sign that you will get rid of complexes that disturbed you for a long time.

Washing windows and doors is a symbol of new life stage: your troubles will end up soon and may even move to a new place.

  • Washing windows in the house predicts promotion at work and other positive changes in business sphere.
  • If you washed the windows in your own house – this can predict a new love affair;
  • In someone else’s house – you will have some changes related to the owner of this house;
  • To wash windows in apartment – some of your acquaintances can hurt you, you should be less sincere with people;
  • Washing windows at work – you will have new perspectives in work sphere.
  • Washing windows in your apartment can also bring reconciliation for spouses who have quarreled.

If you washed the windows properly in the house of an unknown person, this dream means you will get acquainted with a person who will help you overcome all the difficulties. You will evaluate the world around you thanks to him.

Sergii Haranenko
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