Wind Dream Meaning

The most common interpretation of dreaming about wind is getting some news. Vanga considers a dream in which the wind was present a sign of upcoming life changes. To go against the wind and desperately resist its blows means to conquer the present life troubles.

A hurricane wind blowing off the headdress is a sign meaning you will lose your social position and it will happen because of your fault.

If the wind was taking away trees, cars or even houses, this plot is a symbol of coming problems. These problems will be related not only with the dreamer, but also with many surrounding people.

A gentle warm breeze promises a series of pleasant events in real life. The main thing is deal with what you will gain correctly.

Strong wind blows seen in a dream warn of detractors. Envious and foes will be able to seriously spoil your whole life.

A light breeze in the face promises good luck, Miller states. Hear how the crowns of trees rustle quietly is a symbol of an admirer. You constantly reject the love of this person, but he cannot imagine his life without you.

Walking quickly or running and feeling the wind with rain beating your face is a symbol of successfully overcoming difficulties.

If you saw your hair flying in the wind in a dream, take this plot as a sign that it is worth becoming a little more serious. Frivolity only harms your life, and also negatively affects your reputation.

Sergii Haranenko
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