Rain Dream Meaning And Symbolism

General rain dream meaning.

Were you dreaming of rain? The interpretations of the image of rain seen in a dream vary a lot in different dreambooks. This plot that is familiar to everyone can tell a lot about the dreamer’s health, state of his personal life and business success. Dreams about rain are often seen by people who acknowledge the need for changes, who is in the state of search and spiritual growth.

A dream of rain may symbolize opening of your own business or improvement of financial situation. At the same time when you are dreaming of rain, this is a warning that you may be fired because of the mean deed of your colleague.

If you were watching the rain behind the window this is a favorable sign promising success and end of your current problems. If there are clouds above you, the dream reflects stressful situation in which you have been living for the past several days. The newly opened perspectives do not seen so positive for you and you might be right. The dreambooks advise thinking everything properly over once again.

If an ill person sees a dream about thunder, lightning and rain, this is a positive sign that he will be getting better soon. Dreaming about rain and sun is a prediction of successful period coming. But you should still remember learning your lessons from unfavorable times in order not to repeat mistakes of the past.

If it was raining all night in your dream and the rain seemed too long and boring, this is a hint that your life can be very monotonous and maybe it is the right time to bring some diversity.

If you dreamed about rain and wind, this plot represents worries because of everyday chores. Dreaming of rain and blue sky is a symbol of repeated conflicts.

If you dreamed about rubber boots (Wellington boots) during the rain, this means you will receive some important information. Watching the rain from the balcony warns of a dangerous situation.

Dreams about rain are often seen by introverts, this is the reflection of the walls they bring between them and the rest of the word. Raining night and day doubles the meaning of the dream – you will be successful in all your beginnings; luck comes with you at work, in romance and at home. If the night was not only rainy, but also windy, the dream indicates that sudden success can excite you a lot.

Modern dreambook associates rain with tears and so it predicts tears to the dreamer because of his hopes and wishes not coming true. Miller considers rain a very favorable sign for people in love: not depending on whether you got wet or were watching the rain from a safe place, you will be lucky in romance. If you saw a dream about rain together with hail, it is better to postpone your business plans; hail symbolizes obstacles.

Meteor shower in a dream can bring a number of problems and obstacles to your life.

Getting wet under the rain dream meaning.

The meaning of getting wet under the rain can be both positive and negative. One of the interpretation states that getting wet under the rain is a reflection of your helplessness. Danger can be coming from eloquent people who can seem very trustworthy.

If a woman got wet under the rain, the dream predicts changes in romantic life and financial situation. She can find a new rich admirer and this will definitely be the motive for gossip. A dream where you had to walk under the rain can have quite opposite interpretation: floods of water will turn into recovery for the ill person, new acquaintance for the lonely one, getting free for the person in prison.

Getting wet in the rain could represent a need for emotional release. This could be related to stress, anxiety, or past traumas. Getting wet in the rain can leave one feeling exposed and vulnerable. Dreaming of this could represent a fear of vulnerability or a need to open up more to others.

In a night adventure, if you managed to get under a warm downpour and get wet to the skin, this means you will soon be covered by a wave of youthful delight and the desire to live will literally return. The same plot promises prosperity and success.

If you walked in a dream and deliberately got wet, you can expect material profit.

Why does one dream of gentle rain jets that pass through your clothes? They hint at an idyll in their personal lives. For lonely dreamers, getting wet under summer rain promises happy love, and for those who are in relations, a favorable combination of circumstances.

If you had to run under the rain and got wet which was very uncomfortable for you, the dreambooks show that closing eyes on some facts is not the best tactics and it can have quite negative consequences. For those who like running under rain in real life, the dream reflects their talent to solve the issues with minimum efforts.

If you had to stand under the rainin a dream, you should pay attention to the water condition. If it was clear and clean, a meeting with pleasant people is waiting for you. Muddy and dirty rain drops warn about communication with shallow gossiping people who will be unpleasant for you. If you get real pleasure walking under the rain in a dream, this image is a sign that you like parties a lot and you will not miss an opportunity to visit one soon.

A dream in which you got completely wet in the rain can be a harbinger of illness, colds or allergies. You should not despair and worry, you can easily defeat this disease (for a woman, such a dream is a warning: be attentive to others, especially men).

A dream about warm pleasant rain just gives you an opportunity to enjoy life, there will be no great events in your life now, but you will be in harmony with yourself, your thoughts and people around you.

Hearing the sounds of rain.

Miller interprets a dream in which you hear the sound of rain, but do not see it the following way: an illness awaits you, a symptom of the onset of which will be fever and weakness.

The sound of rain is often associated with a sense of calm and peacefulness. Dreaming of hearing rain could represent a desire for inner peace or a need for relaxation and rest.

Dreaming of hearing rain could represent a need to release pent-up emotions or to process and deal with difficult feelings.

Dreaming of hearing rain could represent a desire for spiritual cleansing or a need to let go of negative patterns or behaviors.

If you heard the sound of rain in your dream, this could represent a desire to reconnect with the natural world or to find a sense of harmony with one's surroundings.

Hiding from rain dream meaning.

There are quite different interpretations of dreams about protecting oneself from the rain. Hiding from the rain could represent a fear of facing a difficult situation in waking life or an avoidance of certain emotions or responsibilities. It could be a sign of feeling overwhelmed or anxious about something.

In some cases, hiding from rain could represent a need to protect oneself or something important from potential harm or damage. The dreamer may be trying to preserve something he values or cherishes.

Hiding from the rain could also indicate a desire to escape from the world or withdraw from social interactions. It could be a sign of feeling disconnected or alienated from others.

Rain is often seen as a symbol of blessings and abundance. Hiding from the rain could represent a rejection of these blessings or a reluctance to accept them.

Trying to hide from the rain could represent a resistance to spiritual growth or a reluctance to let go of negative patterns or behaviors.

Hiding from rain is also a sign showing that you are a reasonable person and prefer to avoid unnecessary problems. You know how to deal with people and they know you are the one whom they can ask for help.

Some dreambooks consider rain a sign of getting profit, a long-awaited meeting with someone, your old wish coming true. Hard rain is a sign of coming changes. Whether they will be good or bad depends on how you deal with the coming circumstances; anyway you will not be able to keep everything as it is.

Dreaming about rain spiritual meaning.

Rain can represent a cleansing and purifying force that washes away negativity and brings new life. If you dream of standing in the rain, it may suggest that you are ready for a fresh start or a new beginning.

In spiritual meaning, rain can also represent tears, which can symbolize emotional release or healing. If you dream of crying in the rain, it may suggest that you need to express your feelings or let go of pent-up emotions.

Spiritually, dreaming of rain falling on fertile soil may suggest that you are about to experience abundance or growth in some area of your life.

Rain is essential for the growth of plants and crops, and in dreams, it may symbolize the need for replenishment and nourishment. If you dream of a dry or barren landscape being transformed by rain, it may suggest that you need to take steps to nourish and cultivate your own growth and well-being.

What kind of rain did you happen to see and what it means spiritually?

  • shiny rain - means boredom;
  • sudden rain - symbolizes fatigue;
  • the rain that is just beginning - means conflicts with a loved one;
  • oblique rain - means wages increase;
  • light rain - reflects worries about relatives;
  • dreaming of rainbow rain - promises the implementation of the plan;
  • fast rain - represents the beginning of a new life period;
  • clean rain - a meeting with an interesting person;
  • scary rain - means a conflict at work;
  • rain in the forest- replenishment in the family;
  • dark rain - is a sign of depression;
  • unusual rain - predicts unexpected events;
  • uneven rain - the need to make excuses in front of loved ones;
  • icy rain - means stress;
  • night rain - means disappointment;
  • sharp rain - a meeting with an unpleasant person;
  • unexpected rain - the impossibility of fulfilling your ideas;
  • rain with sparkles - promises victory over enemies;
  • rain with a storm - reflects dissatisfaction with your life;
  • rain with hail - worries about your loved ones;
  • pleasant rain - predicts pleasant events;
  • small rain - predicts tears;
  • pink rain - changing your image;
  • rain with hurricane - warns of the death of a friend;
  • transparent rain - a passionate romance;
  • looming rain - minor troubles at work;
  • silver rain - receiving unexpected profits;
  • stormy rain - promises fun;
  • beautiful rain - pleasant changes in your personal life;
  • thunderstorm rain - improvement in well-being;
  • rain dripping a little - means a meeting with an old acquaintance;
  • short-term rain - predicts sadness;
  • evening rain - may be a sign of illness;
  • dirty rain - a big win in the lottery;
  • green rain - lack of stability in life;
  • thick rain - luck in gambling.

Dreaming of black rain is a sign of an open fight against ill-wishers. Poisonous rain - is a warning about possible food poisoning.

A dream about sleeping under the downpour predicts problems due to irresponsibility. Walking in the bloody rain is a symbol of a cruel act.

What were you doing in the rain-related dream?

  • running in the rain in a dream - luck;
  • being afraid to get wet through in the rain - means the fulfillment of desires;
  • walking in the rain in a hood - predicts a meeting with relatives;
  • getting a little wet in the rain - warns of the illness of a loved one;
  • crossing the rainy road - means stagnation at work;
  • watching the rain - promises good luck in business;
  • enjoying the rain in a dream - means profit from a new project;
  • to smell the rain - means bad luck;
  • lying on the ground in the rain - means parting with a loved one;
  • repairing a leaking roof under the rain - predicts making a mistake;
  • jumping through rain puddles - a calm life;
  • hiding from rain in an abandoned building - a period of luck;
  • to hear the sound of rain - means slight discomfort;
  • walking in the rain in a dream - bad mood.

Sun shower in a dream speaks of fun pastime with your loved ones. Dreaming of white rain - represents personal growth and career advancement.

Downpour and multi-colored hail in dreams are signs of vivid impressions. Dancing in the rain alone means a long-awaited rest. Dancing with your loved one in the rain predicts a coming marriage.

What does rain mean in dream, according to Miller's dream book? The psychoanalyst believes that rain in a dream is a symbol of the beginning of a new stage in life - you do not need to be afraid of interesting proposals and new acquaintances, they can have a great influence on your future destiny.

If in a dream you happened to see dirty rain, then in reality it could mean a sudden profit, a big win in the lottery, an unexpected promotion at work. The resulting profits should be invested in new ideas. Also, such a dream may be a sign that you should change jobs and try yourself in a new, higher position. So start looking.

The dream in which you fall under the warm rain symbolizes the coming religious cleansing from the acquired sins. You will feel freedom and lightness in your soul. Also, a dream can mean that you have a special gift that will soon help many people cope with serious illnesses.

If you dream that you are looking through a stream of rainwater, this is a sign that you can instruct your loved ones on the true path. After that dream, you need to be especially attentive to your own premonition and not be afraid to give advice.

Dreaming of rain outside the house.

Dreaming of rain outside the house could predict minor difficulties in business or looking for a new job. Besides that, this image can be a promise of a romantic date.

Seeing heavy rain and wind outside your place can be a sign of financial instability.

Dream about rain outside the window may be a warning about the loss of a valuable thing; light drizzle is a symbol of flirt; downpour and thunderstorm behind the window may be a promise of overcoming obstacles.

Freud thought that seeing rain outside the window in summer in dreams speaks of big problems in personal life; rain outside the place in the fall - financial difficulties; if you saw it in the spring - attempts to correct an error.

Top-5 negative dreaming about rain outside the house.

  • Downpour and hail outside the window - deterioration in reputation.
  • Seeing rain and fog outside - may be a warning about the disease.
  • Going out for a walk after seeing the pouring rain outside the window - participating in a dubious adventure.
  • Walking under the rain outside and trying to find shelter - rash spending.
  • Sun shower in sunny weather outside the window - may mean problems due to excessive frankness.

Top-5 positive meanings of rain outside the window in a dream.

  • If you dreamed that it was raining and cloudy outside, this may mean improving your health.
  • Raining outside and clouds floating across the sky - getting rid of debts.
  • Seeing the rain outside and the sun disappearing behind the clouds - an interesting find.
  • A heavy downpour and a rainbow outside the window in a dream speak of receiving good news.
  • Rain and a thunderstorm behind the window - success in the professional field.

Rain dream meaning in the Bible.

What is the Biblical meaning of having dreams about rain? In the Old Testament, rain was seen as a symbol of God's blessings and favor. Dreaming of rain could represent a desire for spiritual or material blessings, or a sense of gratitude for the blessings already received.

In some biblical stories, rain was a symbol of judgment and punishment. For example, the story of Noah's Ark involves a great flood that was seen as a judgment from God. Dreams about rain could represent a fear of judgment or a sense of guilt over past actions.

Rain is often associated with new growth and renewal, as it provides the water necessary for plants and crops to thrive. Raining in dreams could represent a desire for personal growth and renewal, or a sense of hope for the future.

In the Bible, rain was sometimes seen as a symbol of spiritual cleansing and purification. Dreaming about rain could represent a desire for spiritual renewal or a need to purify oneself from past sins or negative energy.

Rain was seen as a sign of God's power and majesty, and seeing rain in a dream could represent a desire to connect more deeply with one's faith or to feel a sense of divine presence in one's life.

Rain dream meaning in Islam.

In Islam, rain is often seen as a symbol of blessings, mercy, and purification. Rain is seen as a sign of Allah's blessings and provision. Dreaming of rain could represent a desire for material or spiritual abundance, or a sense of gratitude for the blessings already received.

Dreaming about rain could represent a desire for forgiveness for past sins or a sense of hope for Allah's mercy.

Rain is often seen as a sign of good news and hope in Islam. Dreams about rain could represent a sense of hope for the future or a positive change in one's life.

Rain is seen as a sign of Allah's power and presence, and dreaming of rain could represent a desire to connect more deeply with Allah and one's faith.

Sergii Haranenko
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