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Zero Dream Meaning

There are different interpretations for numbers seen in dreams. Some dreambooks consider that zero symbolizes nothingness and emptiness. The dreamer feels that there is something missing in his life. Considering that number zero looks like a circle, the dream may indicate that you are going around in circles without final destination.

Other dreambooks think that zero in a dream may indicate power. Zero itself can reflect the power you have to gain in order to fulfill something. The dream can symbolize open opportunities. Besides that zero multiplies the power of other numbers seen in your dream. In general numbers seen in your dream indicate that your life situation is quite undefined and this can be the reason of your worries.

Seeing this number or writing "0" it in a dream is a sign of disaster.

Seeing number 0 in a dream also means that it is "zero time" and you need to start moving towards your goal.

Dreaming of a zero may also indicate that you are feeling inner emptiness.

Zero in dreams symbolizes infinity, infinite light, something complete, a symbol of the essence of the deity and the absolute. Zero in the form of an empty circle - indicates both the absence of death and the absolute life that is inside the circle. Zero in the form of an ellipse - symbolizes ascent and descent, unfolding and folding.

Seeing a number with several zeros in a dream is a sign of profit.

Sergii Haranenko

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