Circle Dream Meaning

The circle seen in a dream has many interpretations in the dream books. Therefore, the interpretation of why such a sign is seen in a dream follows from the characteristics of the seen picture. The image associated with round objects is identified with the completion of some business or the dreamer's fixation on any issue.

The dream of circle represents erroneous calculations for big profits, Mr. Miller is sure. For a young lady to see round objects in a dream means a risk of being reckless in some business that does not concern love and family relationships.

The sorceress Medea announces the integrity of the dreamer, his immense inner and spiritual world, interpreting what the circle means in a dream. The full interpretation of the dream identifies the interpretation of a dream with the solidity and sanity of the sleeping person, the need to assemble all the pieces together.

Esoterics compare the dream about circle of fire with the dreamer's inner fear, which does not allow him to concentrate and find a way out of the situation. Sometimes a ball of fire is a harbinger of strong emotions that can get out of control.

    Depending on the type and purpose of the dreamed circle, dream books explain what such a dream is about. So, seeing:
  • lifebuoy - announces a character’s need for support and care;
  • circle in a triangle - speaks of mental confusion, uncertainty about the future;
  • in a square – speaks of spiritual harmony or excessive custody of others;
  • from salt - portends the need to protect oneself from magical effects;
  • hulahup - is identified with the dreamer's obsession with a particular problem;
  • drawing a circle - to the calculation of finance.

People who happen to see themselves on a life buoy, have to adapt quickly to changing circumstances in reality. If you dreamed that a child was floating on a life buoy, this means: changes in family life are nearing, which will affect not only the sleeping person, but also all his household.

Seeing people standing in a circle, according to the dream book for Women, warns of an impending plot against a sleeping person. Being surrounded by people who are your enemies in reality, speaks of enemy networks placed in reality, from which it will be difficult to find a way out.

In a dream, drawing a circle of salt, according to the dream book, speaks of the protection and patronage of good powers. Magic circles on the fields are associated with a mystical border that is forbidden to be crossed by otherworldly forces.

The dreaming circle of people holding hands, predicts the perspective of fun and interesting time. Sometimes, a similar plot promises the opportunity to attend a gala event.

The girl trying to draw a circle in a dream is promised by a dream book of Lovers, an unexpected marriage proposal. When a married woman dreams of such a plot, this announces the upcoming pleasant acquaintance.

An inflatable round object in a dream is identified with the dreamer's overconfidence. Esotericists advise reducing your ardor and ambition, otherwise it will be done by someone from those around.

The dream book from A to Z speaks about carelessness and lightness of being, explaining dreams of drawing circles on paper. But Aesop prophesies security, the protection of influential persons or higher powers to people who happened to draw a circle in a dream.

Sergii Haranenko
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