Folk beliefs and superstitions for women

Young women are much more serious about beliefs and signs, they remember what is undesirable to do, what events will bring misfortune, and which, on the contrary, will bring joy and prosperity. There are folk signs that concern only women.

During the treatment of any disease, one should not engage in sewing, embroidering, so as not to sew the disease on oneself forever.

Finding a man for life is very simple - you need to get a hibiscus that attracts admirers.

No one should be allowed to try on your wedding ring, otherwise you will have to divorce your husband.

Plans for the future that may not come true should not be shared even with the closest friends, otherwise they will become unattainable.

If you sweep around yourself with a broom, or someone else will do it, then you can get seriously ill. And if the girl is unmarried, then the chances of finding a life partner are significantly reduced.

Picking up someone else's thing on the road, bridge or at the crossroads is taboo. With such a find, you can bring misfortunes into your life.

Women should not attend church on critical days.

In the first months of pregnancy, it is undesirable to tell others about your situation, so that there is no miscarriage.

Looking in the mirror at the same time with someone else is a bad omen. The second person can take away your loved one or steal your luck.

If someone gives you a spathiphyllum as a gift, then you should prepare for happy days. This plant brings well-being and luck to young women.

Accidentally finding a nail on the road – is a symbol that you will soon meet your future spouse.

If the dishes are broken, you should expect big profits.

The girl who has a birthmark or mole on her back will be happy.

Omens promise good luck when you are getting wet in the rain, if at this time the sun is shining in the sky.

A grasshopper or cricket appeared in the bedroom – this is a good omen, promising the appearance of a new admirer.

It is undesirable to build a relationship with a man if the heel broke on the first date.

If a woman sprinkled sugar, this means she will get a rich partner.

Finding a white feather on the road – promises love and happiness.

If a bird flew into the bedroom window and then flew out, then you should prepare for the wedding.

The precious jewelry was lost – is a symbol that a meeting with the future husband will take place.

Women always pay attention to all sorts of little things, without losing sight of anything, so folk signs are very important for them.

Sergii Haranenko

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