Folk signs and superstitions about Halloween.

In many countries, Halloween is celebrated before All Saints' Day. The celebration falls on the night of October 31st to November 1st. The clergy perceive it with humor, considering it a good reason to entertain children.

What does it mean if you leave a window or door open on Halloween night? Omens about drying clothes outside on the eve of Halloween. What does the sign promise if an owl sat on the roof on Halloween?

In order to deceive the evil forces that can cause harm, you should leave the house with your back forward in an outfit worn inside out.

In order for positive things to reign in the house, on the night before All Saints' Day, it is necessary to drive bats out of attics, sheds, basements and other places on the site.

Evil spirits will bypass your possessions if the bones of long-dead animals are buried near the threshold and in front of the gate.

Seeing a spider on Halloween is a bad omen that promises trouble for one of the family members.

Misfortune will fall on the family if a cat is left alone in the house at Halloween night, especially if the cat is black.

You can find out that evil spirits are wandering around by burning candles. If they go out frequently, the spirits are approaching.

If an owl sat on the roof on Halloween – this sign predicts the death of one of the family members, according to legend.

Evil is afraid of walnut branches and pumpkins, therefore, on the eve of Halloween, pumpkins should be placed on the windowsills, and walnut branches should be placed in front of the entrance.

The loud ringing of bells in the church during the holiday is a good omen. The sound drives away all evil spirits from the settlement.

Before sunset, you need to go around the house three times with a lit candle in your hand, so that evil forces bypass the dwelling for a whole year.

If stones, water or mirrors appeared in your dream on a festive night, this is a sign that great luck will overtake you in the near future.

If you dreamed of snow, hurricane, hail, dying flowers on Halloween night – this is a sign of big trouble.

If, during a night walk on Halloween, you turn around at the sound of someone else's voice, this is a sign that death will soon overtake you, as the legend says.

Leaving a window or door open on Halloween day is a bad sign, foreshadowing the appearance of evil spirits in the dwelling.

A flock of bats flies over your place on Halloween – this omen predicts the harvest and prosperity, according to signs.

In order for life to be filled with positivity, pets need to be well fed in the evening.

Having met children on Halloween, you should treat them with sweets so that life will please you with pleasant events.

According to signs, it means failures and troubles if you dry clothes on the street on the eve of Halloween.

In order for the negative to completely leave the family, the house, in the morning after the holiday, you need to take coals from an extinct fire and store them at home until the next All Saints' Day.

Building a large Halloween bonfire will help get rid of negativity for a long time. It is advisable to do this in your land.

Candles should burn in every room all night. If in some room they go out, it means that an evil spirit has wound up nearby.

Halloween is the perfect day for divination. Young ladies can find out exactly what the betrothed will be like, peering into the mirror by candlelight at night.

Sergii Haranenko

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