Health omens and superstitions on New Year and Christmas

Health is an important attribute that we wish for every Birthday and New Year. Health is about us, about our body, about our energy. If there is no health, then many simple things will become much harder for us. How does this relate to the New Year? After all, this is a magical time of transition from the old to the new. And it is at such moments that people want everything to get better or improve as quickly as possible. Therefore, today we will consider such a question - are there any signs for the New Year and Christmas regarding health?

Health signs

The article is purely educational in nature, so if you do not feel very well, then you should not rely on these little superstitions, but it is better to consult a doctor immediately.

Surely many have heard that it is not very good getting sick on the New Year. Because by doing so, a person pulls a disease along with him, and for the next time he can remain in ailments. On the other hand, this may be a great sign that the beginning of the year should be devoted to examinations and maintaining your immune system. It is also worth paying attention to how much time a person devotes to his rest.

Despite your poor health, this is not a reason to get upset and celebrate the New Year in a bad mood. After all, the better your mood is, the faster all the ailment will pass.

There is one wonderful sign for the New Year, which applies to the entire category of people - this is to visit the bathhouse in the last week of the outgoing year. Another great option is taking a salt bath. In this case, there may be certain contraindications, especially for people with a weak heart. In any case, it is imperative to cleanse the body so that all difficulties remain in the outgoing year.

The sign of health is directly related to money debts, and this, in turn, is connected with energy. On the one hand, unresolved debt affects your nervous system; on the other hand, it violates the law of exchange. And subsequently, human health deteriorates, not to mention its financial side. Yes, debt also plays a role in monetary signs.

There are signs for the Christmas holidays that are performed directly on New Year's Day and the following days.

After people have spent enough time at the table, refreshed themselves, drank, relaxed, you need to go to dance, preferably around the Christmas tree or next to it. After all, the Christmas tree is an image of unity, which is also able to influence the mental state of a person. It is also a talisman, so take time for it to share its strength, as well as protection.

There is a separate sign for women for the New Year Eve. During the period of the chiming clock, a scarf should be put on the head or shoulders, when the last blow sounds, the accessory should be removed. By this action, a woman reserves her beauty, cheerfulness and health.

    What are the signs for Christmas about health?
  • On Christmas morning, it was imperative to bring fresh spring water so that all relatives could wash themselves with it. Such an action is aimed to temper the spirit, and also protect from diseases.
  • Each family has a head, as well as the eldest. One of them, according to signs, should treat their relatives with milk, reading prayers or protective words about health.
  • On Christmas one should not have done needlework, otherwise one of the family members could have vision problems.
  • When preparing a festive table, you need to lay a clean tablecloth, and place a head of garlic along the edges of the table.
  • After the kutia (traditional Christmas dish in Eastern Europe) is put on the table, it can be used to determine whether your loved ones will get sick. Yes, they would if it turned out to be thin or tasteless. No, they wouldn’t, if it turned out to be very tasty and lush.
  • If guests are invited to the holiday, it is important that the man enters the house first. Then there will be prosperity and good health.
  • It is also a good sign to visit the bathhouse on Christmas Day.
  • You should not sit in the place where a sick person was sitting; otherwise his infection may pass to you.
  • It is a bad sign if a person spends the Christmas holidays completely alone and does not meet with anyone. According to a sign, he can feel lonely, devastated all year.

Actions and wishes for the New Year

Do you love to sneeze? Well, this is very useful. Do not be alarmed if you accidentally sneezed on the New Year, thereby you only call for good luck. Of course, if you know for sure that you are not sick with anything, and also this is not an allergy to citrus fruits.

A toy with a desire made by you personally is an important sign for the New Year holidays. It can be anything. You need to hang it so that people do not have desire to touch it, while it would be in your field of vision.

When the clock strikes 12, do not forget to open all windows and doors, so that the frost drives away all the negative things and ailments from your home. At this moment, you can say some secret words to yourself.

Everyone knows about the popular action with champagne and desire (when you write your wish on a piece of paper and burn it in champagne). But in this case, we suggest that you do not burn paper, but use a coin. It needs to be prepared in advance and you spend the evening with it. When the countdown starts, you need to make a wish, put a coin in a glass and drink the contents. Remember that after such a maneuver, this coin should remain unchangeable. At least until your wish comes true.

If you decided to take a walk on New Year's Eve, especially for those who have a dog, and purely by chance the person managed to end up stepping in feces, then you should make a wish, as this is a good sign. Despite the fact that this is not very pleasant, such a sign prophesies wealth and money.

In old times it used to be customary to shower yourself with cereals so that luck would not bypass a person. Put a small piece of bread or Easter cake in a secluded place as a token of gratitude for the spirits protecting your home.

If you decide to buy something for yourself, the period of the Christmas holidays is a good time for purchase.

What we want to say in conclusion - take care of yourself. Pamper your mind and body, do not forget to rest. Holidays are a good thing, but if you feel tired, that you want to spend time in solitude, then you should do just that, do not forget to listen to yourself.

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