Does hitting a bird with your car predict bad luck?

What do superstitions say about hitting a bird with your car? Very often, car enthusiasts are faced with a situation where, for no apparent reason, a bird hits the glass or hood of a moving car. Naturally, this fact frightens not only with its unexpectedness and concern for the fate of the bird (most often they crash to death), but also with the superstition that has crept into one’s head: what if something bad happens, what if this is some kind of negative sign? Hitting down a bird with a car is a really bad omen, but there are some nuances in its interpretation that are worth considering.

If the bird died from a blow to the glass

Unfortunately, our feathered friends who accidentally collide with a car have little to no chance of survival, so if you can't help a downed bird, think about what its death could mean. And, of course, it’s better to still pick up a dead bird and bury it somewhere on the side of the road, or at least remove it from a busy highway. The interpretation of the sign "knocking down a bird with a car" largely depends on the type of bird. Although in all cases, such an “accident” does not bring anything good.

Hitting a pigeon with a car

The sign of "knocking down a dove" is primarily associated with love relationships, since this bird is considered a symbol of love, fidelity, sincerity. It is not without reason that newlyweds release white doves on their wedding day. It is believed that the death of a pigeon from a collision with your car brings discord in family life, conflicts and quarrels with a loved one, and sometimes even a divorce. But sometimes the situation can be changed if you think about your behavior and find a way to fix everything.

In addition to being a symbol of peace and love, the dove is also considered a messenger of news. If the messenger crashed, it is quite logical that some important news will not reach the addressee, which means you can get into an unpleasant situation due to lack of information or conclusions drawn too hastily.

Omens about knocking down a sparrow

Sparrows symbolize something important of the material sphere, for example, a trinket memorable to your heart, a gift from a deceased relative, or just an item that you never want to part with. A crashed sparrow reports that you risk losing something important to you in the near future, so keep an eye on things dear to your heart more carefully.

Hitting down a crow omens

The sign “running a bird over”, when it comes to a crow, is interpreted in different ways. Since ancient times, it was believed that crows are magical birds and messengers of the world of the dead, so one of the possible interpretations is that you may expect the sudden death of one of your relatives or friends, or an accident that will happen to you. To avoid possible terrible consequences, on the same day that the bird was hit down, go to the church, light candles for the health of yourself and your loved ones, for the repose of deceased relatives, and also consecrate the car.

However, there is another interpretation, according to which a crashed crow portends a wedding, but it is less common.

Running over an owl or eagle-owl

If you accidentally knocked down an owl or an eagle-owl on a forest road, expect monetary losses. It can be unplanned expenses, loss of a wallet, theft, or just a serious delay in payments for your work. Many people interpret this sign as spending due to an imminent car breakdown or getting into an accident.

Omens about hitting a swift or swallow

In cloudy weather, these birds often fly low to the ground, and sometimes they fail to avoid collision with cars. Knocking down such a bird in a car is a sign that promises loss of joy from life or illness of pets - cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots.

Running over other birds

The dead birds of other breeds do not bring terrible news, but they hint that the driver, most likely, puts the pleasures of the material sphere in the first place, and forgets about the spiritual side of life. He needs to think about eternal values ​​as soon as possible, otherwise, in the pursuit of dubious pleasures, he will lose something important, for example, true friends, a loved one, or contact with relatives.

If the bird flew away after being hit

If the bird, hitting the hood or glass of the car, just shook itself and flew away, you can simply ignore the omen. The fault is the bird's own negligence, and not an important prediction for you.

Collision with a bird on the way to the wedding

Separately, we would like to say about a topic that worries many people - about the sign "knocking down a bird on the way to the wedding." If a bird crashed into a car in which the bride and groom were traveling and died, be sure to pay attention to what kind of bird it was! The sign will not act on a specific person, but on future spouses.

So, a crashed dove portends an unhappy family life that will end in divorce; a swift (swallow) - a marriage in which lovers will soon become bored with each other; an owl (owl) - a sign of the couple's unstable financial situation; a sparrow - constant losses that will haunt the young people; and the crow means that one partner will die before the other.

If another bird died from the blow - future spouses should put spiritual issues in the forefront, and not chase material pleasures - then life together will be happy. If the bird did not suffer - just do not pay attention, this is just an accident.

Sergii Haranenko

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