White dove omens and superstitions

What is the white dove spiritual meaning? Despite the biased attitude towards pigeons in general, it is white doves that are especially popular with people. Probably due to the fact that we can see such colors on the street much less often. White doves are a popular symbol for newlyweds on their wedding day. After all, these birds have long been considered messengers of change, love and hope. But a wedding is one thing; another thing is what it means when a white dove flies to the balcony, for example.

What does it mean if you encountered a white dove?

For starters, this is a good sign if you have made some decision, even if it requires a lot of responsibility and something painful needs to be done. Also, if a sad event occurred in a person’s life, the white dove symbolizes that soon the pain will recede, as well as troubles.

If a woman cannot get pregnant for a long time or just came to the decision that she wants to have a baby, in this case you can get a sign from a white dove that everything will work out. If the baby has already been born and you saw a white dove, this can prophesy a bright future for the child. He must have a lot of talent.

If a white dove just flies into the yard, the omen promises universal forgiveness and truce, unless of course there were conflicts before.

When a person was walking and saw a flying white pigeon in the sky, this is a sign that the feeling of happiness will come to this person soon and good events will happen.

If a stroller wanted to sit down to rest, and a white dove landed nearby, this portends great news. A warning may be if the bird, on the contrary, behaves indecisively, frightened.

Well, if you find a nest of white doves on the roof of the house or on your balcony. It is believed that in this way they will protect this dwelling and attract good luck to you. However, if a dove was seen once on the roof of a house, it could symbolize someone's death. If the bird flies to you constantly, you can consider it a keeper and be sure of the blessing of higher powers.

When people get married and see that a dove has flown in, it is a wonderful omen. After all, their marriage will be quite harmonious. For the newlyweds, there is another sign; well it is for a reason that they release white doves during weddings. If they fly away together, this is a symbol that the new union will be strong. If the birds scatter in all directions, the union is unlikely to be long. At least it will be very difficult.

A white dove came to your window or balcony

White doves carry mostly positive energy and good consequences. Therefore, if such a guest arrives at your house, do not drive it away, but watch the pigeon. If the bird is just sitting on the ledge, watching you or someone, this person will be associated with certain obligations and promises.

If a dove flew to the window of an apartment where a young girl or an unmarried woman lives, this could mean either a coming marriage or a new relationship.

What was the behavior of the white dove that came to you? If the pigeon was actively talking about something, this means your life will be full of bright events. If the dove is silent, but flies in regularly, this may indicate a person’s inner loneliness.

The superstitions state that difficulties can overtake the person when the pigeon does not look very healthy or walks fussily along your ledge.

In some variations, a white dove, like a gray dove, can be a messenger of a dead soul. If everyone is alive, but a loved one is far from you, this is a sign that he thinks about you and misses you.

The omen when a white dove flew to the windowsill and began to tap means bright news. But it is worth understanding that this can be not only positive news. Most of the time, people don't even notice it. Without resorting to signs, you should make sure that there is nothing edible on your window and that the pigeon does not ask to be fed.

Very rarely, but it happens when a bird arrives with a present in its beak. It is especially rare if it's a white dove. At the same time, a sign when the bird is holding something in its beak should definitely be regarded as something good. Maybe the universe is giving you something as a gift.

When a pigeon just crashes into a window, it's not a good sign; even if the bird did not expect this itself.

The more pigeons you see, the stronger the effect of the sign will be. When several doves fly to the dwelling, this is a sign that it is under protection. Moreover, maybe it is your balcony that will become the place where they want to build their nest and have offspring. Maybe after a while they will need your help, but it’s better not to get into it, and also not to destroy their cozy nest.

If the white dove flew through your window

Such a moment will be much unexpected, but do not rush to drive the dove away with a broom. It is best to show it the way back to freedom as carefully as possible. But in general, a bird flying through the window only enhances all the positive meanings of the omens.

When a dove flies into an apartment, calmly circles and flies out on its own, you can expect news about an increase in salary, pregnancy, a wedding, or an invitation to it. If the behavior of the bird was the opposite, frantic and nervous, this means problems will soon visit the family.

A married woman can find out about her pregnancy, of course, if her age allows. For young people, this sign means a life together with their significant other, or the beginning of a new relationship.

The bird marked your clothes with droppings, you will find out some news. If the white dove sat on your hand, you can count on cash increase.

Different signs about white doves

Did you see a white dove landing on your friend? The sign stands for trust. This means you can trust this person.

Did a white dove in the street stain you with droppings? Naturally, this sign promises money, even if any other bird were in its place. In case when a couple gets married and the droppings arrive on one of them, you should not be upset. This sign promises prosperity and understanding between people.

There are a couple of not-so-good signs. For example, finding a white dove dead is a sign of big trouble and accident. This is provided that the dove did not just lie on the road - then the sign will not come true, because a large number of people will see it. Or when a person is very seriously ill and a white pigeon visits him, this promises death.

Despite everything, a white bird is always a blessing, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. Do not refuse some treats, and even more so help the bird if its wing is suddenly injured. Also remember that white doves should not be killed, even if they are sick. In this case, you can leave it in the box if you don't want to take care of it. The more good you do, the more will come back to you.

Sergii Haranenko

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