Home items that attract bad luck.

Unfortunately, there are days when everything literally falls out of your hands, as soon as you wake up and get out of bed. As if everyone conspired to disrupt your plans and arrange petty dirty tricks. Here, willy-nilly, you begin to understand people who believe in the laws of Feng Shui and signs, and you begin to look around, trying to understand what could provoke a streak of bad luck. We have compiled a list of things in your home that attract failure and make you doubt your own abilities.

Although psychologists urge not to take various superstitions seriously, arguing that by doing so we attract negativity to ourselves and set ourselves up for failure in advance. However, many people are sure that their worries are not groundless and that there really are objects that have negative energy and attract misfortune.

1. Dried flowers

According to the ancient Eastern teachings of Feng Shui (as well as folk signs), dried and artificial flowers should not be kept in the house. They have negative energy, and all sorts of misfortunes will soon settle in your apartment. Therefore, if suddenly you were presented with a chic bouquet that withered after a few days, you should not carefully arrange these flowers in a vase, hoping to preserve the memory of the present in this way. In this way, you still won’t revive the flowers, but break the energy in the house. If you cannot live without bouquets, then just change them before they begin to dry out.

2. Cacti

You need to be careful keeping the cacti at home, too. According to Feng Shui, all flowers that have spines and thorns, except for the rose, of course, attract bad luck and make you unhappy. If suddenly friends (or relatives) carefully offer you to put a small cactus near the computer, which, in their opinion, can somehow save you from radiation, just refuse politely.

3. Rocking chair

Empty rocking chairs also should have no place in your home. This is considered a bad sign. Especially if the rocking chair suddenly starts to sway for no reason. In Ireland, for example, they believe that spirits try to communicate in this way. Of course, not all of us live in this beautiful country, but let’s not tempt fate.

4. Black doors and green walls

Black doors are also not able to protect your home from negativity and bad luck, so instead of dark shades, get something lighter. It is especially relevant when it comes to the entrance door.

As for green walls, a long time ago, scientists used arsenic to make green wallpapers. And when there was a lot of humidity, these wallpapers, respectively, emitted a poisonous gas, which acted poisonously. So what kind of luck can one be trying to find here?

5. Old calendars

According to superstitions, old calendars that incorrectly reflect the current date (month, year) can shorten your life or make you dwell on your past. The same properties are attributed to clocks/ watches that have stopped. Therefore, it is better to get rid of such items as soon as possible.

Sergii Haranenko

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