Clover Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about clover? In a dream, this plant has a very favorable interpretation. You can expect success, profit, prosperity, prosperous business and relationships. A dream promises the fulfillment of a cherished desire, a successful use of opportunities. But sometimes the symbol of a clover warns of difficulties, regrets, the dream book says.

Success, good profit

A dream of clover often promises well-being, success, and good profit. But to achieve this, you need to make an effort.

Seeing a four-leaf clover in a dream means good luck is with you. At the same time, it is important not to forget to thank fate for getting what you want.

Why do you dream of picking a four-leaf clover? The dream book promises: a person will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. He uses even the smallest chance as it is best for him.

Perfect health, happiness

Finding a four-leaf clover portends excellent health, as well as great potential for work, creativity. The most daring ideas will be fulfilled.

The dream of a three-part leaf (trefoil) is interpreted by the dream book as a sign of well-being in personal life; quatrefoil - good luck in business, business; and the five-leafed clover speaks of fame and fortune.

For a man who decided to get married, seeing a clover leaf in a dream is an excellent omen. His chosen one will become a good wife, a wonderful mother – caring and loving her home. Any doubts can be dropped.

Provide yourself with solid base and make your plans come true

Why does someone dream of planting clover? The dream interpretation tells: by your actions, you provide yourself with a reliable base for future success. This applies not only to some affairs that carry a material result, but also to communication, the ability to win over people.

Dreaming of this plant promises pleasant life turns, favorable circumstances, and in addition - complete satisfaction with the implementation of one’s plans.

Have you seen someone familiar walking in a clover meadow in a dream? This means he will be lucky. Do not be jealous, because the vision does not carry bad omens to you either.

Difficulties, regrets are possible

A dried clove warns of the futility of efforts. The dream, as it were, recommends checking your plans again - perhaps they should be revised.

Did you see it being mowed in a dream? The dream book warns: you will soon regret that you missed the chance to make a career.

What did you happen to do with the clove?

    The interpretation of a dream takes into account your actions:
  • looking at clover - marital fidelity;
  • inhaled its aroma while in a flowering meadow - coping with a very difficult task;
  • walking there barefoot - harmonious family relationships;
  • if you picked clover - a good deed done by you will cause respect;
  • if you slept soundly on it - your beloved will greatly disappoint you.

Miller's dream book: dreams come true

Why do you dream of walking in a fragrant blooming clover field? The dream is very favorable: the cherished desires of the sleeper will come true soon.

Getting rich harvest, big profits

Seeing a blooming clover field in a dream portends an excellent harvest for people involved in agriculture. For young men and women, the vision promises unexpected wealth.

Did you dream of a clover flower? The dream interpretation is encouraging: it is a symbol of prosperity. The endeavors will move forward quite successfully and bring excellent results. A dream promises a secure future.

A lot of clover is a sign of great profit. Try to dispose of it wisely by investing in a profitable business.

Sergii Haranenko
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