Omens and superstitions about itchy lips

Since ancient times lips have always been associated with three things: kissing, eating and talking. Therefore, it is not surprising that all this is reflected in popular beliefs. And today we will talk about the sign “What does it mean if your lips are itching”: you will find out what events you should prepare for when feeling itching by the mouth, how our ancestors interpreted this feeling, and what the belief means for different days of the week.

Omens about taste sensations

As we said above, the mouth is often associated with nutrition, because even babies, who are not yet able to walk and talk, wrap their lips around their mother's breast or pacifier to satisfy their hunger. Naturally, this fact was noticed even by our ancestors, who claimed that the lips itch predicts a plentiful feast, a tasty treat or a gift that you can eat. It is possible that you will be invited to some kind of holiday or friendly gatherings, or you will receive a present in the form of candies, cake, fruits, and other sweets. Or maybe someone will present you with a jar of homemade products, for example, pickles or pickled mushrooms.

Lips signs about kisses and love

Another function of the mouth is associated with kisses, caresses, so popular belief says that itchy lips can indicate that a date awaits you soon, where you will definitely kiss. The upper lip itches - a sign indicates that the kisses will be long, passionate, romantic, and you yourself will initiate them. Perhaps you'll be the first to flirt on a date with an interesting young man, or seize the right moment to seduce a long-term partner - and get passionate tactile sensations as a result. But how these kisses will end - a stormy night or just the appointment of the next date - alas, it is difficult to say. But the itching of the upper lip will always be associated with romance.

If the lower lip itches, this means someone will kiss you, i.e. your partner will be the initiator, not you. However, there is another interpretation of this belief, which says that the itching of the lower lip portends a friendly kiss, or the kiss of a child.

By the way, for a woman, the sign “itchy lips” is quite understandable. In the old days, when lipstick had not yet been invented, girls often smeared their lips with beeswax, as it made them smooth and bright. But, since the wax did not taste very pleasant, the young ladies tried to completely wipe it off before a date. This was a very time-consuming procedure - the mouth had to be rubbed with force with a hard, dry cloth, so it is not surprising that after that the lips began to "burn" and itch. Therefore, in the old days, the sign “lips are itching” for a girl was quite justified: if she wipes off wax, this means she will soon meet with a gentleman, and what else to do on a date, if not to kiss?

Omens for those who like talking

The third function of the mouth is speech, so a number of signs about itchy lips are associated specifically with conversations, discussions, and verbal skirmishes. By the way, have you noticed that before an important interview or exam, many people start scratching or biting their lips with excitement? So, another meaning of belief is long conversations, interesting conversations, acting as a speaker. This interpretation is appropriate when the upper lip itches or both lips are itchy at once.

But if the lower lip itches, the sign speaks of gossip and slander that will be associated with you. Another interpretation of itching near the mouth is associated with negative words that a person can accidentally say to his interlocutor, for which, as they say, he will then “get slapped on the lips”.

Wedding omens associated with itchy lips

Separately, it is worth mentioning itchy lips during the wedding ceremony. If only the mouth of one of the newlyweds itches, this means family life will be happy, strong, long. If the bride's lips and nose itch at the same time – this sign means the husband will soon become addicted to alcohol; if someone of the couple feels itchy in the chin and mouth area – the marriage is not destined to be long; if the neck "burns" along with the lips – this sign predicts that the life together will be filled with bright, joyful impressions.

Signs about itchy lips by the day and time

And now let’s explore the sign “lips are itching” by day of the week and time of the day. Of course, these interpretations can be attributed more to the more modern than to the old ones, but for many they work. So, to begin with, pay attention to the day on which you felt an obsessive itch, and find out what awaits you.

  • Lips are itchy on Monday - romantic adventures, meeting with an ex-lover, a sweet gift
  • Itchy lips on Tuesday - an important conversation with superiors, communication with loved ones
  • If your lip feels itchy on Wednesday - you will be entrusted with serious work matters; but in a circle of friends it is better not to discuss those who are not present at the meeting - you can be considered a gossiper
  • Itchy lips on Thursday - tomorrow (Friday) you will have a romantic meeting, passionate kisses
  • When your lips are itchy on Friday - this means a successful evening, love adventures, sex (for singles), quarrels, misunderstandings, conflicts (for those who have a partner)
  • Itchy lips on Saturday - for women - pleasant acquaintances; for men - communicating with family and loved ones
  • If you have itchy lips on Sunday - pleasant chores about a quick trip, or a serious conversation with relatives.

There are also interpretations of signs according to the time of day. If the lips itching started early in the morning – this means you will get a nice gift or take part in a feast; if it happened in the afternoon – get ready for an important, but not very pleasant conversation that will take place in the evening. If your lips itch late in the evening or at night, you will have an unpleasant conversation with your soulmate, which, alas, cannot be avoided.

Sergii Haranenko

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