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Real life omens about hands and arms.

There are many signs that are associated with parts of the human body. It itches somewhere, you hit something, - and there are omens about all of this. People use their hands constantly. It is impossible to do anything if you don’t do it with your hands - to cook food, clean it in the house, chop wood, bring water and much more. That is why a large number of various signs and omens are associated with hands. Moreover, signs about a person’s hands begin from fingers to the elbow.

Omens about fingers.

The girl pricked her finger - her lover is thinking about her. This sign appeared due to the fact that people, who are in love, feel each other at a distance. Therefore, if a girl is engaged in work that requires careful handling of sharp objects, and suddenly got pricked, it means she felt that her beloved was thinking about her, and this distracted her from work.

Pinching/nipping your finger - predicts an unpleasant surprise. An event like pinching a finger in itself is already an unpleasant surprise. Perhaps this is the basis of this sign. However, many generations of our ancestors have noticed that if you suddenly nipped your finger, someone will come to you with bad news in the near future, or there will be a problem at home.

Modern psychics claim that if you want to protect yourself from the evil eye and spoilage, you need to cross your fingers into the “lock”, that is, the fingers of one hand should be between the fingers of the other hand. They say that in this way you will close your field on yourself, and no energy interference will bother you.

Signs about palms.

Always take money with your left hand, and give it with your right hand.

Left palm itching predicts money profit. Itching right palm can be a sign of greeting someone or having to spend some money. If both palms are itching at once, this symbol predicts a lot of money. However, some people consider that itching hands have the opposite meaning: the right one means gaining, the left one – losing.

When the left palm is itching unexpectedly, you will receive an unexpectedly large amount of money. Someone will return the old and forgotten debt; there is also high probability of winning the lottery, receiving a bonus.

If your left hand began to itch before signing an important contract or if you expect a promotion up the career ladder, then you will succeed.

Do shake someone’s hand or pass anything over the threshold – there will be a quarrel between you.

The left hand trembles - to the forthcoming joy.

Sweep something away from the table with a hand - there will be no income.

Cutting the right hand is a sign of a quarrel. The deeper the wound, the more implacable the disagreement will be. The sharper the subject that inflicted the wound, the sharper the impending conflict will be. As for the hand, the right one is responsible for the quarrel with the man, the left - with the woman. To cut yourself on paper or on another object from which you did not expect such a thing - to an unexpected quarrel with a person with whom it previously seemed unreal for you to argue.

To burn the right hand is a sign that has several interpretations. To an unmarried girl or a single guy, such an incident threatens with sudden love. For a family man, a burn of the right hand promises loss. Most often, in financial area. By the scale of the wound, one can judge the scale of financial troubles.

Your hands are frozen and you can not warm them up – you are being discussed behind your back.

If there is a lot of hair on your hands, this is a sign of wealth.

Drawing lots or a ticket on the exam, do it with your right hand. Then luck will be on your side.

Freckles appeared on the hand – wait for promotion at work.

Omens about elbows.

To hit your elbow is a sign of trouble.

If you knock a plate or a piece of bread from the table with your elbow at lunch - wait for a quarrel with your family.

If your left elbow is itching, this is a sign of unpleasant event, disappointment, quarrels and conflicts.

The right elbow itching brings joy, pleasant events. This sign can also mean changing place of living or spending the night not at your place.

Young girls believe that the right elbow itches at the very moment when the lover remembers her with a kind word. In any case, it always itches as a symbol of something good.

It is very curious when a person suddenly begins to feel both elbows itching. This is a good sign that promises something pleasant.

Hitting your left elbow indicates that people think something bad is about you at the moment, perhaps they are plotting evil intent or simply scolding you for any wrongdoing.

The blow fell on the right hand - this is a good omen. So, at the moment you are remembered with a kind word, admired by your actions or praised for something.

Sergii Haranenko

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