Signs and omens about wind

The flow of air moving along the surface of the planet is the wind. It can be weak or strong, warm or cold, gusty or prolonged. Strengthening, it can turn into a storm, typhoon or hurricane.

What does it mean if there is strong wind on your wedding day? What do the signs say about fog that appears late in the evening? What does it mean if the rainbow shines in red? Here you will find a number of interesting signs about the wind.

Seeing a shooting star in the night sky – predicts a storm.

If the sun shines brightly during sunset – this is a sign of storm.

It will not be cold even in winter if the wind does not start to blow.

If small wind howls outside the window, this means the weather will change dramatically.

If after a lull, the wind blew heavily – it is a bad omen that predicts the onset of a downpour.

If it is windy in early spring – the omens say that the year will be poor with harvest.

If it often storms in summer – the folk beliefs say there will be cereal crops fail, but there will be many apples.

The omens say that a hurricane will start if the pigeons constantly flap their wings sitting.

When a stork flies around the nest – this means a storm, according to signs.

There will be a lot of snow in winter, if the wind often blows from the south side in August, and a dust storm rises.

If the wind blows only from above, without affecting the surface of the earth, the weather conditions will not change.

Fog in the late evening – predicts a hurricane in the morning.

As soon as the wind blows from the west, the rain will begin, omens say.

During a thunder, lightning flashes from the north side – the signs say there will be a storm.

If the moon turned red – strong gusts of wind are to be expected.

When the wind blows strongly during the rain – this is a good sign that promises mild weather.

If the wind blows from the north in summer, the signs say that the rye will grow large.

When a crow sits on the lower branches of trees – this means strong gusts of wind.

If the wind blows on the wedding day – the life of the newlyweds will be full of fun.

When the wren birds suddenly begin to hide in a secluded place – this is a sign of the coming hurricane.

If the wind howls at night in March, it means that it will get warmer soon.

Bad weather will begin if the clouds move against the wind.

When you see a rainbow with a predominant red color, you should prepare for a typhoon.

The wind will become stronger if the stars in the sky begin to blink, according to signs.

A hurricane will start if there are a lot of leeches in the reservoir.

The wind will blow from the side where the rays from the stars show.

When the forest is noisy, but there is no wind – it will rain.

If the cat sharpens its claws on the floor – it will be very windy.

Hearing thunder in winter – means it will begin to storm in the spring.

If a ring appeared around the moon – this means there will be storm.

Sergii Haranenko

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