Spilling sugar omens and superstitions

The folk sign “sprinkling sugar” appeared in ancient times, when a labor-intensive product extracted from cane or beetroot cost a lot of money. It would seem that spoiling a rare delicacy is a clear failure, as is the case with salt, which at the time of the appearance of signs was also expensive. However, folk wisdom, analyzing the connections between events for centuries, draws completely different conclusions from this everyday oversight.

What does the spilled sugar promise?

The superstition about spoiled sweetness covers many options, given both the location of the incident and the amount of spilled sugar - but they all carry a positive connotation, they promise only auspicious events.

For example, spilling a pinch of sugar means an unexpected small profit: a find, a win or a repayment of a debt that the owner no longer hoped to receive. And knocking over a whole cup of sugar means that in the future you will have a stable income and prosperity.

Spilling sugar sign meaning for spouses

It happens that food is wasted with the participation of two people: one spouse passed the sugar bowl to the other or accidentally pushed the arm of the one who filled it. If the spouses spilled sugar together, this incident promises a long happy marriage (and, immodest addition, harmony in the sexual sphere).

Not without reason, in many regions there was a wedding ritual before: it was customary to shower the bride and groom with sugar - this was done to attract love, good luck and wealth to the family. Over time, this tradition has changed: they prefer to use rice for weddings. There is no sacred meaning in these changes - rice also symbolizes prosperity, but to a lesser extent - it's just easier to clean the rice out of clothes and hairstyles.

If you want to ensure the happiness of the couple with the help of a sugar ritual, but not spoil anyone's mood, make a symbolic sweet path on the way of the newlyweds, along which they will "walk" to a prosperous, secure life together.

Spilled sugar beliefs for an unmarried young girl

By spilled sugar you can predict events not only in the financial sector, but also in love.

For an unmarried girl, spilling sugar on the table and on the floor is a good sign: she will soon have a new acquaintance or improve relations with her admirer.

In general, sugar sprinkled on the table promises satiety, rich, tasty meals - that is, monetary abundance. In case of a young girl, she will meet a potential spouse with whom a comfortable life awaits her.

Sugar that fell on the floor should be interpreted as an indication of an upcoming love affair, stormy and joyful. Moreover, this applies even to those who are already married: family people should expect a surge of feelings (this may be an unexpected gift from a spouse, a pleasant joint vacation, or the end of a long-standing cold war).

Another interpretation, similar to the previous one, is that soon you will find inner harmony and peace.

Spilling sugar signs for men

For bachelors, the sign promises success with the opposite sex and good luck in love: you can safely make an appointment with the lady you like without fear of rejection. And if a married man spilled sugar, this means tenderness and consent from his wife await him.

In addition, spilled sugar for men is a sign of a successful streak in business matters.

Omens about sugar cubes

Refined sugar is a completely modern product, but there are ancient signs about it. The fact is that in the old days they often used not sugar sand, but cast sugar heads, from which pieces were broken off as needed. It was only later, as the cost of production became cheaper, that the sand began to be pressed into comfortable, neat cubes.

    Beliefs about lump sugar:
  • if a piece of lump sugar fell – wait for a gift or repayment of a debt (we are talking about a relatively small amount);
  • if you dropped a few sugar cubes – this sign promises a new position with a good salary;
  • the cube of refined sugar crumbled when biting – soon your financial situation will improve noticeably.

Spilling sugar at the door or on the carpet

If sweet grains are entangled in the thick fibers of the carpet (fluffy upholstery of the sofa), this means obstacles and difficulties await you on the chosen road, which, however, you will overcome and achieve what you want.

Sugar spilled at the door announces the appearance of unexpected, but pleasant guests. This incident also speaks of imminent changes in the house: repairs, purchase of furniture.

But if you accidentally turned over a cup or a sugar bowl and the sugar sand got scattered in the corners – this means reconciliation with a loved one. Even if there were no disagreements at the time of cleaning, and a quarrel occurred a little later, it will not last long and will be quickly forgotten.

What should you do with the spilled sugar?

Now that we have figured out what the sign “spilling sugar” predicts, we need to understand how to deal with it so that all good omens come true.

Within the framework of this sign, sugar is an object that launches a mechanism for attracting good luck and prosperity into your life. Just throwing it away would be wrong. In any esoteric tradition, from Slavic household magic to the principles of Vedic schools, latrines - a dumpster, a sewer - are considered energy holes that draw in and neutralize any positive undertakings. By throwing away the spilled sugar, you will cancel all the good things that should have happened to you.

The best option is to carefully collect the spilled sugar and bury it in the ground, but this method is not suitable for urban residents or in winter time. You can simply pour sugar under a tree or a bush: it will still quickly dissolve and go into the ground, where the roots of the plant will absorb it. If we are talking about a small amount, a pinch, you can brush it into a flower pot.

Other signs and superstitions about sugar

It used to be that if a linen bag of sugar cracked, it bodes good news, unexpected visits and acquisitions. Today, this interpretation is appropriate to apply to plastic bags. At the same time, it doesn’t matter where the minor trouble happened: in the store, on the street or at home - the main thing is that the bag is yours, which means that you will have a profit.

We all know that broken dishes promise good luck. And what do the signs say if the dishes filled with sugar break? No, unfortunately, the amount of well-being does not double, but a broken sugar bowl predicts a quick decrease in expenses and repayment of debts, which, you see, is also not so bad. The main thing is not to sweep the shards into the bin, but to bury them in the ground, preferably somewhere in a wasteland or in a forest.

Dreams about spilled sugar

    Spilling sugar in a dream is also a kind of sign. Literally sweet dreams in various dream books are interpreted in a positive way:
  • Slavic dreambook: good news;
  • English dreambook: moving or improving your old home;
  • Gypsy dreambook: you will have a friend who will have an important impact on your life;
  • the dream book of Nostradamus: financial success awaits you.

G. Miller interprets a dream of spilling sugar as gaining respect in society.

And only the gloomy psychoanalyst Freud promises a showdown after such dreams.

A dream about a broken sugar bowl echoes a popular sign: it warns that, despite the difficulties, you will be able to get out of financial difficulties.

Sugar rituals

Sugar has been endowed with magical properties since ancient times. Rituals are performed with it; various conspiracies are recited on it and it is used as a means of strengthening rituals.

    There are two main reasons for the popularity of sugar in magic:
  • it is a bulk material that practically does not have any chemical impurities: it is simultaneously homogeneous, but mobile - like water; due to the unusual structure, sugar effectively absorbs the energy of a conspiracy and human desires;
  • unlike many other types, sugar magic is harmless, it cannot harm an inept beginner: the maximum that you risk by making a mistake in the rite is the lack of effect.

Sugar love spells (those in which sweets are not an auxiliary component, but the “main character”) belong to the section of white magic. They do not deprive the chosen one of his own will, but only help: they remind the object of the love spell about the girl who is in love with him, inspire interest in her, sympathy - and then it's up to you.

Health ritual with sugar

Bandages with granulated sugar help heal wounds: every housewife knows that sugar is an excellent preservative that does not allow bacteria to multiply. And this is how a sweet product is used in rituals to improve health.

Late in the evening, after taking a shower, walk through your home, slowly and without missing a single room. The room by this time should be well ventilated.

Put a few pieces of refined sugar on a clean whole saucer (lump sugar is best, but it is almost impossible to get it in modern stores). The number of cubes can be tied to the number of diseases you suffer from.

Now light three church candles and, with your hands outstretched, palms down, read a prayer for health.

Here is the prayer example:

“In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Lord bless, Lord help. How the Lord God created the earth, and the sky, and the water, and the stars, how he established everything by his will, and strengthened it with his strength, and how on His earth, and in His heavens there are no diseases and any ailment, no bloody wounds, neither swelling nor aches, so I, the servants of God (name), will not have illnesses. Like the earth and stars, so the Lord God created me, and confirmed by will, and strengthened by force. There will be no disease on my body, by the will of God, there will be no ailment on my zealous heart, on my white bones, on my red blood. I will not have a tumor, no aches, no wounds.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen"

After the ceremony, the pieces of sugar should be dissolved in water and poured under a tree.

Sugar rite to attract money

Before going to bed, you need to put five coins on the windowsill: the greater their value, the better. On each coin, put a cube of refined sugar from a freshly opened pack on top and read the spell:

“People are greedy for money because it is sweet. I want my life to become sweet and smooth. I ask for money not for entertainment, but for coercion. The first will go to food, the second - to dress, the third - to study, the fourth - to alms. I’ll set aside the fifth, I’ll breed wealth.”

Important: do with the money exactly as you promise when reading the spell - distribute four coins for their intended purpose, and carry the fifth one in your wallet. The fifth coin is a talisman for attracting the financial flow that you have made.

To believe or not to believe in the predictive properties of a familiar product - everyone decides for himself. However, practice shows that many folk signs have real grounds: they were intuitively formulated after many years of observation. After all, when literacy was available only to a few, the accumulated experience of older generations was transmitted in this way - through signs, fairy tales, traditions.

Sergii Haranenko

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