Sugar Dream Meaning

If you saw sugar in a dream, do not expect that it promises you only good things. According to the New family dreambook, sugar predicts difficulties that will arise in family life. You will experience groundless anxiety and jealousy and suffer greatly from this condition. To eat sugar in a dream is a sign of confrontation and troubles in real life. But do not worry, all the difficulties will be resolved prematurely.

If you were asking the seller about the sugar price, such a plot warns that you should be afraid of serious enemies in reality. If there is too much sugar in a dream, then there will be serious losses that cannot be avoided, even by putting a huge amount of effort into this.

According to Eastern women’s dreambook, dreams about sugar predict life difficulties. There may be problems with the spouse due to jealousy. Drinking sweet tea is a dream means to settle all the difficulties quickly in real life.

Selling sugar in a dream is a sign of great efforts. This is the only way to avoid serious loss. If a small amount spilled out of the bag, then the losses will also be quite insignificant and, possibly, practically imperceptible.

According to Miller, to dream of a bag of sugar is a sign of obstacles and difficulties on the way to the desired goal. It will be quite difficult to carry out your plans; you will have to go through many disappointments, doubts and fears.

If a large jug or basin is filled with sugar, you can rejoice, your affairs will develop as well as possible. You will receive even those benefits that you have not dreamed of, without making any special efforts. Fortune will favor you for a long time.

According to Miller, buying sugar in a dream predicts great success in business and possibly in personal life. Feelings will be responding and truly sincere.

If you scattered sugar in a dream, you should be ready for long and hard work in real life. Sugar predicts fun, entertainment and a period of carelessness for young guys. An interpreter in this case advises women of any age to beware of gossip and slander.

What are the real-life superstitions about sprinkling sugar?

What does sprinkled sugar promise? The tainted sweetness superstition encompasses many variations, considering both the location of the incident and the amount of sugar spilled - but they all carry positive connotation, they promise only favorable events.

For example, dropping a pinch of sugar means unexpected small profit: finding, winning or returning a debt that the hostess no longer hoped to receive. And to knock over a whole cup of sugar means that you will have stable income and prosperity in the future.

If the spouses scattered sugar together, then the incident promises a long happy marriage (and, an immodest addition, harmony in the sexual sphere).

No wonder that there was a wedding ritual in many regions some time ago: it was customary to shower the bride and groom with sweet sugar sand - this was done to attract love, luck and wealth to the family. This tradition has changed over time: they prefer to use rice at weddings. There is no sacred meaning in these changes - rice also symbolizes prosperity, but to a lesser extent - it's just easier to clean it from clothes and hairstyles.

For an unmarried girl, sprinkling sugar on the table and on the floor is a good sign, according to the superstitions: she will soon meet or improve relations with an admirer.

In general, sugar sprinkled on the table promises satiety, rich, tasty meals - that is, monetary wealth. In the case of a young girl, she will meet a potential spouse with whom a comfortable life awaits her.

Sugar on the floor should be interpreted as an indication of an upcoming love affair, stormy and joyful. Moreover, this applies even to those who are already married: family people should expect an outburst of feelings (this may be an unexpected gift from a spouse, a pleasant vacation together, or the end of a long-standing "cold war").

A sign promises bachelors success with the opposite sex and good luck in love: you can safely make a date with a lady you like without fear of rejection. And if a married man spilled sugar, tenderness and consent from his wife awaits him. In addition, sprinkled sugar for men is a sign of a successful streak in business matters.

    Beliefs about lump sugar:
  • a lump of sugar fell - wait for a gift or debt repayment (we are talking about a relatively small amount);
  • if you dropped a few sugar cubes - this means a new position with good salary;
  • a cube of refined sugar crumbled when biting off - means your financial situation will improve noticeably soon.

A broken sugar bowl predicts coming reduction in expenses and debt repayment.

If the sweet sugar grains get tangled in the thick pile of the carpet (or the fluffy upholstery of the sofa), this means obstacles and difficulties await you on the chosen road, which, however, you will overcome and achieve what you want.

What it means if you dropped some sugar near the door? Sugar sprinkled at the door announces the appearance of unexpected, but pleasant guests. Also, this incident speaks of imminent changes in the house: repair, purchase of furniture.

Sergii Haranenko
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