Cabriolet Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of a convertible that you do not possess in reality, these images symbolize your high wishes.

If you dreamed that you were driving in a convertible on a flat straight road, you can count on success. Did you happen to drive on bumps in a dream? This means that you will be nervous on the way to the goal.

If you had a dream that you were riding a cabriolet as a passenger, this means a journey awaits you soon. But, if you dreamed that you were in the past and drove a retro convertible, it means that you are too dreamy.

    Did you see not just a cabriolet, but a car of a specific color in your dream? The dream books will help find out why a particular color is seen in a dream:
  • a yellow color car is a sign of pleasant surprise;
  • to see yourself as the owner of a black cabriolet - to coming enrichment;
  • red convertible indicate the intensity of passions and revelry of emotions;
  • red color coexisted with any other - be prepared for jealousy and feelings;
  • a white convertible - a symbol of simplicity and immediacy;
  • only half of the car was white - do not neglect the advice of friends;
  • a convertible of green and blue colors predict excellent health.

An open-top car is the dream of many women. If a girl dreamed that she was driving a personal convertible with her friend, this is a sign that the girlfriend will help her get acquainted with a wealthy young man in reality, the East Dreambook pleases.

And if a guy wants to know what a machine of a similar design means in dreams, then the Moon Dream Book will give him an answer. In a dream, he drove with his girlfriend on a convertible owned by him personally – this is a symbol of the attention of the opposite sex. And if he took a drive in a luxury car alone – this symbol promises wealth.

It’s not difficult to understand what a dream, in which you see yourself as a driver of a large and luxurious convertible: emotions and vanity that will bring you many joyless minutes. However, the dream book of Nostradamus is reassuring: despite the sad events, you should not panic - all problems will be resolved quickly and sadness will disappear in a matter of minutes.

Had a dream that you were maintaining someone else's big and beautiful convertible? You are worried about your appearance or wealth. You should not focus on this, because your fears are far-fetched - the interpretation of a dream offered by the Gypsy dream book states.

It is unpleasant if you had an accident in a dream. Such dreams promise their "owners" sadness and disease. And if you see that the car is smashed to smithereens, but you have remained safe and sound, then this is a warning: that meanness that you started will come back to you a hundredfold.

If a married person happened to see a wedding cabriolet in an accident – this is a symbol of a divorce. If his passengers suffered - a compromise will not be found, remained unscathed - act if you want to save the family.

Sergii Haranenko
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