Africa Dream Meaning

What does Africa symbolize in dreams? Africa seen in a dream may predict obstacles on your way to the goal or difficulties communicating with others. Besides that, such a dream promises taking part in a profitable project.

According to the Newest dreambook, traveling around Africa is a sign of surprise.

A dream about gifts from Africa – is a sign of an unusual disease.

A dream that you are surrounded by cannibals in Africa portends that you will be oppressed by enemies.

If a woman is dreaming about African themes, this means that she will have an uninteresting journey that will not comfort or entertain her.

According to the Wanderer’s dreambook, Africa is a symbol of hot passions, unbridled instincts and low motives; internal fever (cold) or the upcoming too hot summer season.

Dreaming that you are communicating with aborigines in Africa – is a sign that harassment and nitpicking await you at your workplace.

African landscape: means that deep down you expect some stormy, hot events, which are likely to be of little use.

According to Simeon Prozorov’s dreambook, communicating with an African in a dream is a sign that they are trying to discredit you.

Seeing yourself as an African is a sign of misunderstanding from which you will suffer.

    Here are some brief dream interpretations:
  • a trip to Africa - a pleasant surprise;
  • dream of Africans - means resolving a conflict situation;
  • African children - getting rid of ill-wishers;
  • traveling around North Africa - may predict problems at work;
  • walking in southern Africa - the desire to travel;
  • riding a jeep in an African country - new hobbies;
  • making a flight to Africa - may mean changing the place of residence;
  • going to Africa with a colleague - career growth.
Sergii Haranenko
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