Cannibalism Dream Meaning

Did you have to eat human meat in a dream? Do not be afraid and fall into depression. This vision is often positive, for example, it promises a long-distance travel.

Cannibalism in a dream is an eloquent hint that you feed off the energy of others, use other people's ideas, or spend someone's money. Energy replenishment most likely occurs spontaneously and unconsciously. The only way out of this situation is completely change your life. In other cases, the dreambooks recommend relying more on your own strength, and not rely on the opinion of others.

Dream cannibalism is also a sign of your power over other people. If you happened to eat human meat in a dream, this means you want to control or subdue someone or something.

Some dreambooks assume that such an unusual meal symbolizes the extreme strangeness of the dreamer. It can be reflected both in appearance and in behavior.

Sometimes cannibalism in dreams is a bright sign of one's own helplessness before life circumstances.

There is a chance that you will be so absorbed by a certain passion that you will not be able to cope with yourself if you were eating human meat in a dream. The plot also reflects the difficult cognition of something incredible. Perhaps you are on the verge of some discovery concerning exclusively spiritual development or the attainment of secret knowledge. This interpretation is especially correct if you ate a piece of human meat as a part of some ritual.

If you barely managed to swallow a bite, this means you will have to make a difficult choice and the decision will be made solely by an effort of will, Miller thinks.

To see yourself chewing on a piece of meat in disgust in a dream means that you will fall into conditions that are contrary to your principles and mood. However, later troubles will turn into good experience and bring satisfaction.

    In order to get detailed dream interpretation, you should remember who saw the plot and whose meat was eaten:
  • Dreamed by a man - the increase in property.
  • Seen by a woman - a dissolute life.
  • The meat of an unfamiliar person - money, unexpected wealth.
  • A close relative’s - the loss, the collapse of plans.
  • Child’s meat - impatience.

If you ate your own meat this means you will have to say final farewell to someone. If you saw yourself being eaten this literally means that somebody will take the most valuable from you.

If you ate human meat and drank blood, this can mean that you will get some property, which is better to get rid of immediately.

Drinking human blood can mean a fierce struggle with competitors or life circumstances. In a dream, letting someone drink your blood and eat meat, literally means to grow Evil.

Sergii Haranenko
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